Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper supplier

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper/wrapping machine is designed for the straight objects. It has a proven record of success in many industries such as profiled product, tubular product and plank stuff etc. The horizontal machine is used for the steel pipe packaging, Aluminum section packaging, Window &door wrapping, Rod packaging, panel packaging…

That is with highly speed and efficient equipment for your packaging

solution. The Horizontal orbital wrapping machine installed by Fhope are fully manufactured and designed within one of many a few manufacturing sites. The company’s authority in the markets is launched on scientific belongings: knowledge of wrapping, the complementarily of motion, the opportunity to manage turnkey finishes of series adding capabilities like stacking, conveying, wrapping, strapping, the ability to suggest options in any way generation rates of speed lastly admiration for that items and the quality of the finished product packaging.

FHOPE-E series

Pipe Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine

FHOPE-F Series

Rod Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine

FHOPE-G Series

Aluminum Horizontal Orbital wrapping Machine

FHOPE-H Series

Profile Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine

FHOPE-E series

Spiral Orbital Wrapper

FHOPE-F Series

Horizontal Ring stretch wrapper

FHOPE-F Series

Horizontal stretch wrapping machine

FHOPE-F Series

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper

1.Protect the package and eliminate damage

Using the Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper and ring type wrapping machine, LLDPE stretch film is extended as it is applied and packing requirement. Once stretch film is around the package, it contracts and enclose just like a rubber band, to keep the compression and stake package together. It prevents harm to colored, highly polished surfaces requirement which safeguard the items in transition. Avoid the requirement of interleaved buffer materials.

2.Material and Reduce Packing Costs.

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper/wrapping machines can eliminate bulky, expensive packing material in wrapping like foam, tape, shrinking wrapping, paper Knit belt, string, pet belt. The highly packing speed saves you time and labor costs. All above minimize your packaging cost.

3.Uniteze length wrapping available.

The horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine is ideal for long objects such as unitizing pipe, tube, profile, lumber, door, window, board, section,MDF wood,MDF board, textile rolls… No limited with one or more layer of stretch film or any other packing material. Over wrapping rate is adjustable according different width. You packages are protected from dust, moisture, damage。

We can provide the best horizontal orbital stretch wrapper/stretch wrapping machine solution for your needs, no matter how small or large the amount of supplies to be wrapped. The Go across Wrap bale, horizontal orbital wrapper/wrapping machine are appropriate for all commercial rectangular balers, door, profile, pipe bundle, board… Because of the modular structure, the Go across Cover covering collections can easily cover a variety of bale styles and volumes. Automatic horizontal orbital stretch wrapper is able to connect with infeed conveyor for automatic loading. Both manually operation or be a part of internal production line are available. The package load is automatically transferred throughout the wrapping station where expand film is used. Our persistence for customer service and extended service durability in our horizontal stretch wrappers and orbital stretch wrappers continues to be proven by lots of loyal clients sticking around on the very long time.


We are offering automatic wrapper with different ring size for package with different OD as long as customize solution per your packaging goal. Following are some orbital stretch wrappers designed for wrap load Package OD.

orbital stretch wrapepr& spiral wrapping machinestretch film for orbital wrapper  conveyor of orbital wrap machine

      Different size machine                             Different packing material                              Different conveyor

film carriage of orbital stretch wrap machine

       Film Carriage

Videos for reference:

 orbital stretch wrapper  

For long shape small objects packaging, such as: Pipe bundle, tube, profile, section, timber wooden…

There are several type economic stretch wrapper which is able do do high speed stretch automatic s packaging for your products. And it is able connects to your conveyor for automatic online packaging.

 door orbital wrapping machine

Automatic stretch wrapper For Wide object packaging, such as:  Door, window, panel, board, sheet…

There are different device and designing special for features of your package, such as press down device for holding the light package, consistence tension control make machine both for small and big package…

For heavy objects packaging: Such as steel tube, steel rod, aluminum profile, motor, reel…

The conveyor is changeable per different weigh and package. Roller conveyor covered with PU for package surface protection.

Fork man loading position for easy handling. Different packaging material available for durable packaging requirement.

 orbital stretch wrapper for panel

For wide&height objects packaging, such as, pallet, panels, doors… There are bubble film covering device (option) for full size packaging requirement. Au

automatic sealer for cutting the film, even paper…

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Aluminum packing solution

Dear Khan,
Wish you a nice day. I have received your require of Automatic Alu profile packing line, we are specialized in it. Hope i can help you with it.
Here is a video link of the packing line, you can check and open it.
About the details of it, let us discuss it on WeChat, I have added your wechat ID, and left messages on it.
Wish you everything goes well.
I’m happy you’re interested in our products. Below is a video link about wrapping machine for different materials products.
Please check and visit the video, any questions about it, please feel free to contact me anytime suilts you.
You can add my whatsapp / skype /imo: +86 15050694011, let us discuss more about it.
Look forward to be good foreign friends with you soon.

big wire rod coil packing machine

Please clarify.

wire rod packing machine


more information or wire rod coil packing solution:  www.fhopeapck.com   info@fhopepack.com

You say the machine comes with <<two shutters crossing the ID of the machine>> These shutters are the film feeding heads?

——Yes, two film feeding head

At the econommic quotation you say “Automatic material feeding & cutting system – 1 set” does it means that 1 set has two heads feeding film?


——-“Automatic material feeding & cutting system – 1 set”  :  it is for cutting and clamping the film which is  able service for two film feed hear.


Would you recommend a third one in order to achieve the output of 70 coils per shift (8 hours).


———Do you mean third film feeding head/shutter?  The speed is the same, not matter two or three shuttlers. The more shuttles, the more layer film, for strong packaging.  The wrapping speed is relate to the shuttler movement speed. Our machine speed is app.2-3m/sec.


If I’m not wrong the Blocker Roller Station is this:





So if a second stretch wrapping station is required it must be placed necessarily with the track system, right? So the cost for a second wrapping station is $ 11.500 + 30.800 = $42.300, right.





How many days do you estimate the installation?


——–12 days. If the machine was installed by yourself, only 6 days.

As long as I understand the cost of your ingeneer is included in the price, except travel expenses and accommodation, for a normal installation, right?

——-Sorry, the cost the engineer is $80/ working day only.


The customer wonders about the needed space for the system, may I have an orientation layout on the installation?


For two wrapping station, following size is for reference. If space limited, the special size machine is possible.

Cubic boron nitride end mill


Cubic boron nitride end mill

Japan Calloy began to develop an end mill made of cubic boron nitride, the material is the hardest cutting material, more than the usual diamond material. Compared with the overall carbide end mill, the end mill is more suitable for high hardening steel metal parts for milling, and the tool life is very long, its use is mainly the company’s equipment can withstand hardened steel Accurate and efficient high-frequency milling.

However, Calloytool Europe is now offering CBN end mills for the European market. The main purpose of its research and development is not only to improve the surface quality of props, but also can increase tool life. In addition, you can increase the spindle feed and speed, in order to reduce the total production time. Compared with the overall carbide end mill, the end mill has better surface quality and longer service life, mainly for high hardness of steel man-made and unmanned (high frequency) cutting, in order to produce mold The There are many types of end mill, diameter accuracy of 0 ~ -3μm, radius accuracy of ± 2μm, diameter from 0.1mm to 6mm range. Calloy Europe can use existing developed production equipment to develop and produce custom end mills according to customer requirements. The following is a description of the end mill.


• Suitable for high hardening steels up to 70 HRC

• Suitable for high speed milling

The main type

•Fine cutting end mill [RG]

•Round edge cutter [HR]

•Round edge cutter [STR]

•Shell-shaped round cutter [STR]

•Rough Cut End Milling Cutter [AR]

•Fine cut full R end mill

•Pillier End Milling Cutter [DR]

•Full R finishing knife [AER]

•Pill-head type coarse cutting ball end mill [AR]

High precision

• Diameter accuracy: 0 ~ – 3μm

• Radius accuracy: ± 2μm

Features TOWA CBN end mills

• Increase tool life

• Improve surface quality

• Reduce production time

• Reduce the total cost of the tool


drill and tools

The tools series of drills and routers are manufactured on proprietary devices, both internally designed and built. This strategy enables our engineers to “design” the highest level of product quality, using more than 40 years of knowledge and experience. This advantage enables us to install innovative, industry-leading devices such as DIS (automated optical detection systems) and ADP (microdrill automatic drill Pointers) that are much earlier than our competitors. It also ensures that we are able to adapt more quickly to the needs of technology or capabilities, such as the growth of micro drilling, but low levels of investment help keep costs competitive. Through this strategic alliance tool has reached and maintained its first market position.
The high precision linear motion guide is an important part of the micro diameter bit.
The oint tool is the first linear motion guide in Japan. This unique rolling mechanism achieves higher precision and performance than ever before. Since then, we have used these guidelines on the production line, but have also made them available on the market. Our unique guide won a considerable market share. Especially our super – finishing products, whose bearing surfaces are almost mirror finish, are unique. They are often used in applications requiring high accuracy and reliability, such as optical measuring equipment and medical equipment.
Since April 1999, we sponsored Tokyo symphony Orchestra (Tokyo Phil Harmonic Orchestra), the Orchestra is one of Japan’s main Orchestra, purpose is through our contribution, expand the music art promotion activities in Japan, such as the European music art.
Tokyo philharmonic orchestra
In 2011, the Tokyo philharmonic orchestra celebrated its 100th anniversary, becoming Japan’s first symphony orchestra. About 130 musicians, TPO, often perform symphonies and operas. TPO honorary conductor, mei mingchang, has been conducting TPO since 2001. TPO was proud to appoint mikhail prettneff as a special guest conductor and Andrea Battistoni as the main guest conductor.

stretch wrapping machine manufacturer top 3 in China

Automatic rotary arm wrapping machine

Recently, the automatic systems which need to be loaded from the floor by ride or manual trucks gradually increase.
Usually, such a system needs a lifting device to raise the pallet to the desired packaging height. The traditional way is to fit a section of conveyor on a pneumatic lift which usually needs a hole to be dug in the floor. Such pits are not allowed by many factories, so a system that gently slopes upward to the wrapping machine eliminating the need for any pits has been developed by Fhope. The function of sloping conveyors like a bridge, when the wrapper machine moves, they fall down from the way, so that the pallet base can be wrapped up without additional cost.
In order to comply with CE regulations, all automatic stretch packaging machines must be installed behind the fence guard without personnel light barriers at the opening of the in-feed and out-feed conveyors. The Revolution including the safety features or not in the case of integration into a safety cell supplied by others can be provided by Atlanta. In order to reduce erection time on site, the significate design changes have been made by Atlanta and the installation time has been greatly reduced.
The fhope stretch wrapping machine is designed with a robust and cantilever as well as fully automatic rotating ring machine. The machine is installed in a conveyor line and don’t need the operator intervention except for changing the film rolls. It not only greatly increases the yield from a film roll, but also improves load containment because of using powered rollers to pre-stretch the film before application. The machine has a high capacity of over 150 pallets in an hour and suit for wrapping dollies and half and quarter pallets in singles or in pairs that allows the palletizer to continue operating at maximum speed.

The machine to handling the pallet and packing the pallet just here


Stretch film and strapping machine

Orbital stretch wrapper & horizontal stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for door and panel

As I mentioned before our space is limited, and we will use a hand manual lift truck , we need your engineer to consider: 1. How we will place the pallets into the conveyor? Since we are transporting the stretch film material by hand lift truck, believe we will need to have a platform, or” ramp” right before the conveyor , to climb the pallets . Your ideas or suggestion will be appreciated. 2. Your engineer must take in consideration that the conveyor in each side should be maximum 3 MT ( just as the drawing). 3. The maximum distance from the floor we require is 20-25 cm (the reason is the use of a manual lift truck ) * no wrapping needed Our space is limited , therefore, what we need the rotating strapping module as lowest possible to the floor, with two conveyors , one to enter and one to exit The pallets will be transported in a hand manual lift truck, as well at the exit. So, the closes to the floor that we may have the strapping machine the better we are. Let me know the high distance from the floor for the rotating strapping and the conveyors. Please take a look at the drawing below for your reference of what we are looking for: The package weight : MIN 30 kg MAX 300 kg Max size of your package : including pallet, these are the sizes: 45”x48” x , 40”x48”, 31”x48 Let me know if you have further questions, be very clear and specific for the feedback.



Encrusting machine automatically for Cookie, Pastry


automatic encrusting machine



Danish Laminating Line, Money Laninating Line, Croissant Laminating Line, Danish Breads Laminating Line, Danish Pastry Laminating Line, Sheeting and Laminating Line

Automatic encrusting machine Appropriate Goods: Danish Breads, Croissant, Puff Pastry, Danish Pastry


1.The Laminating Line is to use Europen Machanical and Electronic Manage Technologies and SGS Licensed.

Like Siemens PLC, Siemens Inverter and Siemens Colour Touchscreen Display.

2. The line includes money laminating, rolling, conveying, freezing and sheeting re-rolling, shaping and 2nd-time very cold.

3. The line could be created to do just about anything danish dough. A wide range of types of danish money may be refined with the same production line.

4. The line is may be combined with Danish A loaf of bread Machine operating as Auto Danish Bread Production Line. Also it could be coupled with Croissant Makeup Machine operating as Automatic Croissant Creation Line.

5. With its just controlled Siemens Shade Touch-screen , it is a dynamic user-friendly machine.

6. Program control for online packaging.

The production line isoptical and mechanical, electronic digital incorporation. It adopts Siemens Inverters, Siemens, Siemens Touchscreen Display.

Main Technological Parameter

Production Capability: 300-800kg/h

Power: 30.0Kw(which includes Cold Program)

Machine Excess weight: 5000Kg

Voltage: 380v/50hz or per your requirement

Overall Dimention: 20000*4300*2900mm

Automatic encrusting machine’s manage program

Ergonomic procedure panel

Energetic matrix TFT colour touch screen show with diagnostics guarantees effortless procedure. Changeable placement for ease of view and operation.
automatic encrusting machine

10 product recollection for repeatable merchandise configurations.

Stable film unwinding

Both top and base film giving with dancer curler guarantees consistent film nourish no matter diameter.

Several close off types

Overall seal off, peripheral close off, dot design seal off, line close off, etc. readily available.

Made for cleanliness and easy servicing

Enhanced design for maintenance and cleaning: Encased valves and motors. Easy access to components right behind part guarding. Cleandown design and style within the providing region.

Precise printing sign up (OPTION)

The base film is servomotor motivated, allowing really correct film nourish adjustment. Film feed pitch could be modified in .1mm actions. Printing registration is accurate and simple and, as an choice, the machine may be handle bottom film with eyerepresents.

Various types of day coder (Choice)

Multi-lane energy move time coder is accessible.

Several package deal types

Vacuum provides, gas packs, blister packages and so forth. are possible.

Basic safety design and style

In the event of difficulty, the emergency stop method functions and also the fault is exhibited with security alarm.

Manufacturing facility automation

The encrusting machine‘s manage program is made to easily simplify connection and synchronization with downstream and upstream devices like automatic item feeders, coveraround cartoner, established-upslicer and caser, and so on.

8500 is a popular dish stretch wrapper for packaging foods goods like fruit, fish, meat and vegetables. Having a optimum speed of 120 trays each minute, the STN-8500 is among the more quickly machines available on the market.

The S8500 utilizes around 30Percent much less film than other machines, allowing you to decrease expenses and the effect on the environment.

The Automatic encrusting machine also features an on-desire work: if no products are fed into the machine, nothing is wrapped, which means no more empty packs.

The gentle, surprisefree of charge handling from the product through the entire packing method ensures that your products or services keeps its visual top quality and it is ideal for presentation on retail store shelves.

The S8500 works with a special film collapsable technology to make a small, neat close off. The film is heated and folded to make a tamper-resistant close off.

manufactured and Designed in China greatest automatic Automatic encrusting packaging business, your procedure should be able to depend on the Omori S8500.

package security for transportation

Orbital stretch wrapper & horizontal stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for door and panel

UN-qualified bag-in-package offers the greatest levels of security for moving harmful goods needing Course II and III packaging.

The 20-L bag-in-box packaging experienced several demanding performance tests performed by 15-E Packaging Services; the assessments incorporate cobb, vibration, drop and stacking drinking water ingestion.

For the container drop tests, each package was fallen from 47.2 in. in a various angle. Any damage or seeping through the exams voids the package deal. CDF’s case-in-package package deal passed the decrease exams at 1.2m.

The stacking check is carried out to guarantee the offers are sufficiently strong enough that they may not failure. For that stacking tests, two loaded offers of the identical sort are placed on the examination test. The piled packages should keep their place for starters hr. CDF’s package deal passed the stacking test at 303.9Kg – 24 hours.

The vibrations exams are done to imitate the package traveling by motor-driven vehicle. CDF’s handbag-in-box bundle approved the shake examination at 4.1Hz – 1 hr.

The cobb drinking water intake examination is conducted in the fiberboard external package deal to test the quantity of water that may be assimilated by the surface of papers or board in a given time. CDF’s package passed on the cobb drinking water absorption check at 30 minutes.