Soft Atmosphere guards the product and package

Soft Oxygen safeguards the package and product

Following closing the case, atmosphere is allow in to the chamber via the aeration valve. Therefore, the atmospheric pressure outside and inside the chamber is the same, after which the lid can open. This may take place in two ways: ? typical aeration; ? aeration with the Delicate Air flow work.

Standard aeration

The device starts entirely and lets atmosphere into the chamber.

The vacuum bag envelopes the stuffed product quickly and firmly.

Some bags and products could be broken with this.

Aeration using the Delicate Atmosphere-work

Air flow is progressively enable in to the holding chamber (based on the pre-set time).

The vacuum travelling bag gradually and then in a operated way, envelopes the product.

By way of this, optimum security in the product and vacuum bag is confirmed.

How the Soft Atmosphere-function performs

Establish the delicate oxygen time

The bag will gradually envelop the merchandise

closing and Opening chambers with all the covers is not difficult. This calls for minimal energy because of the ergonomic form of the dual chambers.

With straightforward golf swing Henkelman causes it to be even less difficult. You might have the lid automatically showcase the desired timespan, on the click of a button. Easy swing can be set up on the Polar twice chambers.

For protection: ESD choice

ESD represents electrostatic discharge. Every time ESD appears in the vacuum procedure, it can cause harm to the item. Therefore Henkelman has made models from the Boxer and Falcon series ESD suitable. Comprehensive tests have shown the validity from the ESD solution. Every single design installed with this option is shipped using a specific TüV (Technical Surveillance Association) certificate. The ESD option is typically useful for packing electrical elements for example prints, chips, motherboards and wafers.

What sort of damage can you protect against?

You are able to stop the adhering to adverse reactions, amongst others, on distinct elements with the ESD solution:

breakdown of insulating material

breakdown of semiconductors

amalgamation of conductive networks

introduction of untraceable faults

degeneration of part functionality

early part malfunction.

Make certain optimum ESD protection: Use special ESD vacuum bags by using a machine using the ESD option.

world-course maker of vacuum packing

Henkelman can be a world-school producer of vacuum packaging machines. Also helps us to achieve levels of operational excellence that are highly respected within the industry, hospitality and retailing sectors, although our focus on a single line of business not only differentiates us from our major competitors.

Henkelman offers the most total range of specialist vacuum wrapping equipment through the most compact desk-leading vacuum packer approximately the largest durable vacuum increase compartments.

Due to Henkelman?ˉs considerable global group of certified distributors, we can promise an effective, customized support and quick shipping across the world.

Henkelman gives you the correct remedy to have an best vacuum packaging procedure.

Vacuum packing is a wonderful method to increase the shelf-life of any product or service as well as guard it in opposition to additional aspects. Simply because oxygen is removed o2 is also eliminated. This is the way cardio exercise micro-organisms in meals merchandise spoil the food.

But airtight packing is likewise ideal for numerous low-meals products. On this page imaginable sizeable and or useful goods including cushions, dollars. Electric powered watches, jewellery and components. This selection of merchandise is unlimited. Anything at all imaginable could be vacuum packed.

The principle

This product in the vacuum bag is scheduled in the chamber. The open side of your handbag lies on the securing pub. If the top is sealed the machine quickly carries out the vacuum process. The levels from the vacuum process are: vacuum, gas shot (optional), closing and (Gentle Air flow) aerating.

Regulating the vacuum method

The 1st phase in the packing routine is eliminating oxygen in the item, the case and the chamber. The machine goes on to the next phase, as soon as the desired amount of air is removed. The 2nd stage involves including a gasoline or sealing the handbag.

You can handle the vacuum process at 3 diverse degrees:

time handle (setting by time)

sensor manage (setting by portion)

liquefied handle with boiling hot point detection

Automated Container Limit Tightening Machine

Automated Jar Cover Tightening Machine

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Intelligent Container Limit Tightening up Equipment are generally employed for numerous reasons. As an example a lot of specialized caps such as pump sprayers or induce sprayers will not lend on their own easily to auto sorting techniques and they are therefore positioned by hand on the containers. But production rates are to ensure that hand tightening up is not a choice. A cover tightener satisfies beautifully into this situation, with alternatives like set off sprayer alignment available too.

Software :

This machine is suitable for many type containers like pet, plastic and glass LDPE or HDPE and all sorts of form of hats. This machine can be used for Pesticides, other, Pharmaceutical, Food and cosmetics businesses

Technical Requirements

Cap ProvidingRandomly

SuitableWindow Jar/ Containers

Diameter27 millimeters to 82 millimeters dia

Jar usedCup, Dog, HDPE

Capping Rate40 bottles each and every minute

Horse potential needs1 H P

Internet body weight1300 Kgs

Gross weight1800 Kgs

Materials for Vacuum CircumstanceDietary fiber


Excess weight(kg)110

Gross weight1300 Kgs

Intelligent Pouch Securing Machine

Auto Pouch Securing machine

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Automated Pouch Securing machine discovers program in conference the packaging demands of viscous/low viscous merchandise. The machine includes sophisticated PLC manage help with touchscreen display/HMI to offer ideal coping with of the functions. The sophisticated servo dependent film give systems also ensure maintenance of high reliability in concerned packaging treatments.


Innovative PLC management with touchscreen/HMI support

Advanced mechanized styles maintained by servo brings system that offers exact placement and straightforward change of film speeds

Assistance of personal-centering paper roll positioning that accompany pneumatic collect supply

Comes along with alarm supply in no film condition

Will allow straightforward cleansing

Will allow easy changeover for a variety of dimensions of papers

Specialized Specification


PastePre-prepared food productsMasala Paste


Fresh Fruit JuicesPrepared to take in food productsLubricants gas

Edible oilPharmaceuticals and PesticidesBio-chemical

Agro-substanceAyurvedic DrinksAdhesives

Automated Fill and Pick Sealing Machine

Intelligent Pick and Fill Securing Machine

Automated Pick and Fill Sealing Machine

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The Automatic Fill and Pick Securing Machine is used for satisfying various types of powders, solids and liquids. The machine performs quickly in picking, sealing and filling of pouches. It provides flexibility of using pouches in numerous kinds including stand-up pouches, pouches with spouts, zippers and many more.


The machine is applicable in packing and filling almost any pouch made up of liquid, viscous fluid, semi many, grains, powder and solid far more.

Various filler heads used for filling involves: Multi-Go Weigher, Linear Weigher, Auger Filler, Gravitational forces Filler, Piston Filler and Mug Filler.


Servo with PLC handle with system storage

Quick alter more than ¨C bag, Size modify often takes 10 min or significantly less

No pouch or breakdown of pouch opening up ¨C No load

Good cutoff nozzles for no drip stuffing

Automatic examining: no pouch or pouch open error no complete, no seal off, the pouch could be recycled therefore staying away from waste of packing supplies and high priced product.

Pouch loading by means of horizontal conveyer permitting far more pouch storage space at one time and taking second-rate high quality pouches also.

Lubrication-free of charge plastic-type material bearing cheaper air pollution

No essential oil vacuum water pump, therefore sustaining cleanliness in production area

Product or service or pouch get in touch with pieces are stainless-steel or appropriate meals quality resources with comply food items clean needs.

Technological Requirements

ProductPFS – 8SPFS – 10S

Pouch Size70 to 200 millimeters70 to 200 millimeters

Pouch durationAs much as 350 mmAround 350 mm

Stuffing VolumeAs much as 1 KgsUp to 1 Kgs

Velocity15 to 30 Pouches per min20 to 40 Pouches for every min

Precision /- 1%

Production And Accuracy depends upon pursuing:

Characteristics and Number of product to become stuffed

Persistence in mass density / Viscosity from the product

Regular level of item in machine hopper

/- 1 Per cent

Output & Reliability is dependent upon adhering to:

Features and Volume of product or service to become loaded

Regularity in Bulk denseness / Viscosity from the merchandise

Constant amount of merchandise in machine hopper

Power6 KW?à .3 to 1Percent

Air prerequisite8 nightclub6KW

developmentProduct make contact with elements are SS 304 / 316Greatest 8bar

Dimension L B H3500 by 2500 by 2000 millimetersSS /MS/Anti- Cordial Aluminium

Body weight ApproxApprox 1150 Kgs1700x1050x2300

Semi Automated Water Satisfying Machine

Semi Automated Water Filling up Machine

Semi Automatic Fluid Stuffing Machine is offered with PLC management along with eye package assist for dealing with amounts less than 100 ml. Also approaching with single way nozzle for absolutely no drip procedures, these satisfy GMP specifications and are avalable with jacketed hopper with temperatures heating and control layout help. These also boast conveyor connection for managing of auto package/tin/pot dependent packaging.


Superior PLC structured manages

Are designed for packaging from 100 ml to 5 liters without need to modify elements

Enables fast changeover utilizing effortless device totally free modification

Eye package assistance offered for quantities which can be under 100 ml

Volume level modifications presented by way of substantial-quality fingers tire

One of the ways nozzle help for no drip functions depending on GMP specifications

Building depending on steel 304/316 support


Comes with stirrer assist for jacketed hopper that also can handle temperature and heating management demands

Assisting set html coding device assist

Also featuring capping and labeling support


GheeProductsLotions and creams

PicklesPre-cooked foodsMasala Paste

Lubricants oilsEdible gasPharmaceuticals and Pesticides

VersionViscoseNo Viscose

Satisfying TechniquePiston programControl device process

Stuffing CollectionAround 1 IlluminatedAs much as 1 Illuminated

Filling Accuracy and reliability /- .3 to 1 Percent /- .3 to 1 Per cent

Stuffing Rate / minutes6 to 10 Bpm10 to 20 Bpm

Power Condition440 V-3 /220 V1 ? 440V-3 /220V1 ?

Atmosphere Requirement8 Cafes8 Night clubs

Dimension LWH(millimeters)1250X750X2000

Semi Auto Liquid Filling Machine

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Pickle Packing Machine

Pickle Packing Machine capabilities PLC handled functioning support that permits it to accurately and efficiently deal with packaging from 100 ml to 5 liters without any need to alter the pieces.Providing for fast changeovers utilizing help of effortless resource totally free realignment, these are generally offered with one of many ways nozzle for zero drip functions and design assistance depending on GMP requirements.


PLC operated operations

Allows packaging from 100 ml to 5 liters without any need to modify pieces

Permits fast changeover making use of effortless tool free adjustment assist

Existence of eye set in order to effectively handle quantities below 100 ml

Necessary quantity changes manufactured through great-image resolution hand tire help

One way nozzle for no drip operations

Reinforced by GMP criteria

Machine built in steel 304/316 to provide for durable overall performance assistance


Stirrer support for hopper

Supply of Jacketed hopper with heating system arrangement and temperature management assist

Conveyor assistance for managing doing work in auto bottle/tin/pot filling up series

Coming with help of Set computer programming product in addition to Capping and Labeling provision

Top to bottom Form Complete Closing Machine

Intelligent Satisfying Machines

Fill Non-Free of charge Streaming Powders Whole milkPowder and Chemicals, Pharmaceutic Power, Foods & Beverages, Cosmetic products such as flour, espresso, masala powder (spice natural powder), dry syrup powder, icing sugar and so forth.

Auto Stuffing Devices

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Container Stuffing Machine (Two Brain)

Complete Non-Totally free Flowing Powders DairyPowder and Chemicals, Prescription drug Power, Food & Refreshments, Cosmetics like flour, coffee, masala natural powder (liven powder), free of moisture syrup powder, topping sugars etc.

Container filling machine

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Semi Automatic Natural powder Filling up Machine

Product: PFMV S304

Suitable for packing several goods in mutable pack sizing in tiny batches

Best suited when both laminated and non laminated pre-made pouches are used for packing


Fill Non-Totally free Flowing Powders Substances, Pharmaceutic Powers, Food & Drinks, Cosmetics and so forth.

Natural powder filling with PLC based controller for filling to achieve extremely high accuracy and reliability in filling. It comes with internal heartbeat. The auger rotation pulse is changed and variable by touch-screen process for precise body weight compensation. This guarantees high filling accuracy as preferred.


Up and down installed Servo Electric motor for specific preventing of your screw revolving at high-speed.

Individually pushed agitator

Able to saving filling up parameter for about 99 items helps make deciding on product – complete excess weight by contact of a button

Electric board within built protective circuit.

“Personal Centering Funnel” – considerably reduces changeover time throughout Cleansing, offers instantly production line environment for regular merchandise circulation.

Technological Requirements

ProductPFMV – S304

Satisfying byAmount

Stuffing variety100-1000 gms.

Hopper Ability25 Lighted

Stuffing Accuracy and reliability?à 1Per cent

Power necessity440V / 3 ? optional 220 V / 1?

Satisfying Speed15 to 25 each minute

Web Excess weight250 kg

Measurement LBH(mm)1000 by 700 by 2000

Power Fill.75 kv

Semi Intelligent Powder Filling Machine

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Straight Develop Load Securing Machine

Intelligent Filling Equipment

Fill No-Cost-free Flowing Powders Whole milkChemicals and Powder, Pharmaceutical Abilities, Food And Drinks, Cosmetics such as flour, gourmet coffee, masala powder (spice powder), dry syrup natural powder, topping sweets and many others.

Intelligent Satisfying Equipment

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Jar Satisfying Machine (Twin Go)

Complete Non-Cost-free Streaming Powders MilkPowder and Chemicals, Prescription drug Abilities, Meals & Liquids, Cosmetics like flour, caffeine, masala powder (liven powder), dried up syrup powder, topping sweets and many others.

Bottle stuffing machine

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Semi Automatic Powder Stuffing Machine

Version: PFMV S304

Ideal for packing several merchandise in mutable pack size in little batches

Suitable when each laminated and non laminated pre-manufactured pouches can be used as packing


Fill No-Cost-free Flowing Powders Chemical substances, Pharmaceutical drug Abilities, Food And Beverages, Cosmetic products and so on.

Natural powder satisfying with PLC dependent controller for stuffing to accomplish very high reliability in filling. It includes built in pulse. The auger rotation heartbeat is revised and changeable by touch-screen method for accurate excess weight compensation. This ensures high satisfying accuracy as ideal.


Vertically mounted Servo Electric motor for exact halting in the attach turning at high speed.

Independently motivated agitator

Competent at holding filling parameter for about 99 items helps make choosing item – complete body weight by effect of a button

Electric panel inside constructed protective circuit.

“Personal Centering Funnel” – significantly minimizes changeover time during Cleaning up, provides instantly manufacturer setting for constant product movement.

Technological Specs


Filling up byQuantity

Filling array100-1000 gms.

Hopper Ability25 Lighted

Satisfying Accuracy?à 1Per cent

Energy prerequisite440V / 3 ? optional 220 V / 1?

Satisfying Rate15 to 25 each minute

Net Weight250 kg

Aspect LBH(mm)1000 x 700 x 2000

Strength Weight.75 kv

Semi Intelligent Powder Stuffing Machine

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Auto Evaluating And Packing Machine

Automated Evaluating And Packing Machine

Automatic Evaluating and Packing Machine

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The Automatic Evaluating and Packing Machine supports the entire process of precise analyzing and packaging of various merchandise. The machine weighs in at these products in accurate actions and fill up these in packets.


Employed for satisfying

Whole grains




Gourmet coffee legumes

Coconut powder

Almonds and free of moisture fruit



Constructed from SS 304

Electronic indicator for reduced speed and jamming precision

Two pace for linear rss feeds

An easy task to function.

Digital transmission handling

Non-obligatory Devices with Machine includes

Batch coding product [Inject/ popular foil html coding]

Pail type giving conveyor

Gas eliminating product

Out get conveyor

Gust creating

Pit puncher and vacuum pump is utilized to support the pouch making it in to appropriate condition

Specialized Specs



Pouch Duration450mm500mm700mm120mm

Pouch Width600mm750mm1000mm200mm

Pouch VersionCushion Kind, Gusseted, Total PouchCushion Sort, GussetedCushion VarietyCushion Sort, 3Side handbag, 4Side bag, Sequence bag

Hopper Capability30Lit50Lit1000Lit25Lit

Filling up Range1-2kg1-2gram5-10Kg1-25gram

Filling up Precision?à0.3 to 1Percent?à0.3 to 1Per cent?à0.3 to 1Percent?à0.1 to 1Percent


Oxygen IngestionMaximum 10barHighest 12barMaximum 6barMaximum 8bar

MaterialSS (or) MSSS (or) MSSS / MS/Anti- cordial aluminiumSS / MS/Anti- cordial aluminium

Machine Aspect-LxBxH (mm)2400x1300x28003200x1800x35002500x1500x35001700x1050x2300

Machine WeightOptimum 1.5TonHighest 3 TonOptimum 4 TonMaximum 1.5 Ton


Pouch Size200mm400mm400mm

Pouch Width350mm500mm500mm

Pouch DesignPillow TypeCushion Variety, Gusseted,Cushion Variety, Gusseted,

Hopper Potential25Lit25Lit25Lit

Filling up Variety50-250gram100-1000gram100-1000gram

Filling up Precision?à0.1 to 1Percent?à0.3 to 1Percent?à0.3 to 1Per cent


Oxygen IngestionOptimum 8barHighest 8barOptimum 8bar

MaterialSS /MS/Contra – cordial lightweight aluminumSS (or) MSSS (or) MS

Machine Dimension-LxBxH (millimeters)1700x1050x23002100x1225x25002100x1225x2500

Machine Body weightMaximum 1.5 TonOptimum 2.5 TonHighest 2.5 Ton

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Linear Weigher

Linear Weigher

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The Linear Weigher is relevant in filling up various goods in a few volume. The machine in accordance with advanced scientific criteria utilized evaluating application to consider a definite amount and after that pack that amount of item in suitable packages.


These can be used for stuffing pulses, salt, seeds, grains and maize herbal tea natural powder, espresso beans & powder, Coconut powder,nuts and candies, dried up many fruits, low, vegetables, food and pasta weighted design merchandise.


It is constructed from SS 304

Electronic sensor can be used for specific and increased velocity and reduced jamming.

Highly correct with high speed

The machine is managed by Mettler Toledo program

Twin velocity for linear rss feeds

An easy task to run.

Electronic indicate processing

Secure weighing

Intelligent Fill and Pick Securing Machine

French fries Fill and Packing Equipment

Auto Fill and Pick Sealing Machine

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The Potato chips Complete and Packing Models are provided in agreement with sophisticated scientific specifications. The machine is based on PLC handle process and is straightforward to function. Apart from potato chips, the machine can be used for filling more issues.


Fill up totally free streaming grains, salt, seeds and pulses teas natural powder, caffeine beans, maize, caffeine natural powder, coconut candies, nuts and powder dried fruits, snacks, pasta and vegetables pet meals, namkeen, reduced evaluating technology merchandise and many more. .


Batch programming system (Inkjet or Popular foil programming)

The out consider conveyor

Check weigher and steel sensor

Pail lift

The hole puncher

Papers reducing position and web monitoring might be variable

Gusting forming

Vacuum pump motor in accustomed to contain the pouch and making in to appropriate shape

Development manufactured on SS 304

Take advantage of the electronic sensors to enhance pace precision and anti Jamming.

With steady 10 / 14 container structure, to select the greatest combo instantly from ample excess weight combos by pc

The opening and closing pace of Weigher happens may be adjust to be steering clear of material Slipping into pieces or getting obstructed

Handled by PLC, improve modern technology and straightforward to operate.

Precision : /- .5 to 5g dependant upon the cereals variation and size of product.

Multiple fulfills for volume bodyweight Sophisticated computerized sign finalizing and high velocity and steady evaluating.

Rejecting functionality: all over weight or lower excess weight products will be denied from the weigher instantly, so that will be very easy to reweigh and save the packing film

Machines created for horizontal urgent and packaging

Automatic horizontal baler for 25-25 kg bales

For mushroom garden compost

Packaged merchandise: compost for mushrooms.

Technical Data

Bale body weight20-25 kg

Bale dimensionsL600xW400xH250 millimeters

Maximum volume before compression250 lt

Ability6 bales/minutes

Type of weldingImpulse

Type of bagSquared pushed bales

Closing teams activityPneumatic

Energy Ingestion30 Kw

StructureDecorated Stainlesss steel or Stainless Steel 314

*Completely automated process that starts from toned film reel

Equipment designed for horizontal demanding and packaging of corn silage into 20-25 kg squared pushed bales.

Different models are available according to the product initial volume, to the finished bale weight and sizes and to the required production speeds.

Essegi offers a fully automatic line which starts from flat film reel. Alternatively, a semi-automatic line which uses preformed bags.