A coil upender to make 90 degree steel coil turnging

The creation will likely be greater understood following the information and associated drawings, which display low-limiting sensible embodiments in the technology.

More specifically, within the attracting:

FIG. 1 shows a plan diagram of a layout of the coil upender according to one embodiment;

FIG. 2 reveals an enlargement, yet again inside a prepare perspective, in the rewinding region;

FIG. 3 displays a area look at the marking machine to seal the surface free of charge finishes of the reel or of some moves delivered through the rewinder;

FIG. 4 shows an axonometric take a look at the labeling machine in FIG. 3, apart from the remainder portion of the framework;

FIG. 5 shows a plan view of the packaging area of a coil upender according to FIG. 1;

FIGS. 6A-6E present enlargements of areas of FIG. 5;

FIG. 7 shows an agenda take a look at a layout of the coil upender inside a diverse embodiment, confined to the packaging area;

FIGS. 8A, 8B and 8C show a area view of the details and shuttle of operation of your robot from the embodiment in FIG. 7;

FIGS. 9 to 16 show illustrative diagrams of the handling coil upender of the coil upender according to the invention;

FIGS. 17A and 17B display your head of your robot in the aspect perspective and then in two various angular placements in a very first embodiment;

FIG. 18 shows a view according to XVIII-XVIII in FIG. 17A;

FIGS. 20 and 19 demonstrate axonometric opinions in the head in FIGS. , 18 by two angular roles;17B and 17A

FIG. According to XXI-XXI in FIG 21 shows a front view. 17A;

FIG. 22 reveals an axonometric view of your head in the robot in the different embodiment; and

FIG. 23 displays an erupted look at the top in FIG. 22.

Thorough Explanation OF EMBODIMENTS In The Technology

FIG. 1 schematically indicates a possible layout of a coil upender according to the invention. Research top rated generically signifies a machine for continuously generating a online substance, typically a nonwoven ply or online. The machine 1 could be any machine perfect to create a consolidated ply of materials.

Downstream in the machine 1 is actually a winder, mentioned in general with 3 and created, as an example, as defined in EP-A-1245515 or possessing any other ideal design. The notice B signifies a reel getting wound about the winder 3. Positioned downstream of the winder 3 is a group of devices mentioned overall with 5 and comprising, as detailed hereunder in better depth, a rewinder with the unwinder, a group of blades or other instruments for longitudinally reducing the net substance unwound from the reel B with transverse location people, a product to put together winding cores on winding mandrels, a device to draw out the mandrels from your assemblage of rolls shaped through the rewinder, and a marking machine to brand each roll from the rewinder.