A orbital wrapping machine to produce steel handling operation

FIG. 11 schematically shows the circulation of web data within the coil upender explained hereinbefore. The full process could be split up into various techniques, and much more accurately:

a production procedure of the world wide web substance in the ongoing wrapping machine,

a winding process from the winder, with forming of master reels B,

an unwinding and cutting procedure, as well as a rewinding approach in the rewinder,

a handling or logistics procedure, about relocating the rolls created by the rewinder to storage locations or for the packaging range, and

an authentic wrapping packaging approach.

Your data in regards to the manufacturing get plus more specifically variables about the actual manufacturing of the world wide web substance, i.e. the production dish from the nonwoven, the winding guidelines, displayed by way of example by the tension and torque used on the reel during development, the decreasing factors brought to the rewinder, for the device to make the winding mandrels as well as the device to placement the longitudinal cutting cutting blades, factors which prevalently concern the positioning of the decreasing rotor blades, and then the axial dimension in the rolls to become established, the quantity of website fabric to wind on every roll as well as the size of each roll, the winding pressure, the winding stress and then any other data employed in the rewinding portion, are shipped to the many procedures.

The data coming from the packaging line are then conveyed on the web server being compared and analyzed with the generation order data.

FIG. 12 shows a block diagram which represents the functional method jobs, completed by each device explained above. FIG. 13 schematically demonstrates the swap of information between the a variety of PLCs linked to the system.