Automated Fill and Pick Sealing Machine

Intelligent Pick and Fill Securing Machine

Automated Pick and Fill Sealing Machine

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The Automatic Fill and Pick Securing Machine is used for satisfying various types of powders, solids and liquids. The machine performs quickly in picking, sealing and filling of pouches. It provides flexibility of using pouches in numerous kinds including stand-up pouches, pouches with spouts, zippers and many more.


The machine is applicable in packing and filling almost any pouch made up of liquid, viscous fluid, semi many, grains, powder and solid far more.

Various filler heads used for filling involves: Multi-Go Weigher, Linear Weigher, Auger Filler, Gravitational forces Filler, Piston Filler and Mug Filler.


Servo with PLC handle with system storage

Quick alter more than ¨C bag, Size modify often takes 10 min or significantly less

No pouch or breakdown of pouch opening up ¨C No load

Good cutoff nozzles for no drip stuffing

Automatic examining: no pouch or pouch open error no complete, no seal off, the pouch could be recycled therefore staying away from waste of packing supplies and high priced product.

Pouch loading by means of horizontal conveyer permitting far more pouch storage space at one time and taking second-rate high quality pouches also.

Lubrication-free of charge plastic-type material bearing cheaper air pollution

No essential oil vacuum water pump, therefore sustaining cleanliness in production area

Product or service or pouch get in touch with pieces are stainless-steel or appropriate meals quality resources with comply food items clean needs.

Technological Requirements

ProductPFS – 8SPFS – 10S

Pouch Size70 to 200 millimeters70 to 200 millimeters

Pouch durationAs much as 350 mmAround 350 mm

Stuffing VolumeAs much as 1 KgsUp to 1 Kgs

Velocity15 to 30 Pouches per min20 to 40 Pouches for every min

Precision /- 1%

Production And Accuracy depends upon pursuing:

Characteristics and Number of product to become stuffed

Persistence in mass density / Viscosity from the product

Regular level of item in machine hopper

/- 1 Per cent

Output & Reliability is dependent upon adhering to:

Features and Volume of product or service to become loaded

Regularity in Bulk denseness / Viscosity from the merchandise

Constant amount of merchandise in machine hopper

Power6 KW?à .3 to 1Percent

Air prerequisite8 nightclub6KW

developmentProduct make contact with elements are SS 304 / 316Greatest 8bar

Dimension L B H3500 by 2500 by 2000 millimetersSS /MS/Anti- Cordial Aluminium

Body weight ApproxApprox 1150 Kgs1700x1050x2300