big wire rod coil packing machine

Please clarify.

wire rod packing machine


more information or wire rod coil packing solution:

You say the machine comes with <<two shutters crossing the ID of the machine>> These shutters are the film feeding heads?

——Yes, two film feeding head

At the econommic quotation you say “Automatic material feeding & cutting system – 1 set” does it means that 1 set has two heads feeding film?


——-“Automatic material feeding & cutting system – 1 set”  :  it is for cutting and clamping the film which is  able service for two film feed hear.


Would you recommend a third one in order to achieve the output of 70 coils per shift (8 hours).


———Do you mean third film feeding head/shutter?  The speed is the same, not matter two or three shuttlers. The more shuttles, the more layer film, for strong packaging.  The wrapping speed is relate to the shuttler movement speed. Our machine speed is app.2-3m/sec.


If I’m not wrong the Blocker Roller Station is this:





So if a second stretch wrapping station is required it must be placed necessarily with the track system, right? So the cost for a second wrapping station is $ 11.500 + 30.800 = $42.300, right.





How many days do you estimate the installation?


——–12 days. If the machine was installed by yourself, only 6 days.

As long as I understand the cost of your ingeneer is included in the price, except travel expenses and accommodation, for a normal installation, right?

——-Sorry, the cost the engineer is $80/ working day only.


The customer wonders about the needed space for the system, may I have an orientation layout on the installation?


For two wrapping station, following size is for reference. If space limited, the special size machine is possible.

Easy operation coil packing machine


The coil packing machine with easy operation for any staff. Even by not training operator.


The chinese manufacutrer help you getting your packaging goal per your handling requirement to make machine specialize for your.

Remark: This kind of packing solution is more suitable for aligning and strapping by side strapping machine. It will also be good for improving packing efficiency.

Production date 70 days only.

coil wrapping machine and coil packing machine

coil wrapping machine, coil packing machine



Machine Installation of steel rolls rotary coil tilter one step of Setting up the device within the flat floor or neat melt pit according our drawing It’s to keep the significant table from the up ender same equalized because the ground .Then do energy hooking up based on the technical date in manual. Ensuring earth wire is well connected and dependably .At the same time modifying the levelness from the up ender by four level nuts, to check on machine well stand it a horizontal level condition .Be careful check all of the switch positions and connection work and firm, without loose .At last Installing and connecting the exterior fence guardrail from the machine.


By mixing the very best characteristics from all of company, SHJLPACKPackaging Equipment will advise its clients around the accessibility to equipment from single machines to accomplish packaging lines. Our inventory consists of the highest quality packaging machinery and it is basis could be refurbished by our skilled mechanics. Our experience enables us to choose the best machine for the customers’ needs and our sales force and support is composed in excess of seventeen professionals devoted to maintenance our clients. We conduct business the way in which our clients wish to accomplish business and we appreciate the chance to earn yours.


constructed platen components for packaging

Substance Adaptability: Welcomes Dupont Surlyn or polyethylene (2 mil. – 20 mil.), board varieties of SBS charge cards or corrugate

Card Indexing wrapper Station: Motor unit motivated infeed conveyor by using a greeting card pusher method for indexing the conventional skin pack charge cards through the product packing station to the pores and skin stretch pack station (non-obligatory electronic digital handle available for elements which could move). Accuracy indexing film conveyors then relocate the card from your pores and skin pack station towards the toned push on a deal release.

Home Heating System: Innovative pre-home heating system contains level black colored far infrared type heating unit, which has been designed specifically to have a longer wave-span and related heat user profile for better penetration of the warmth to the film than traditional cal-rod types. Every single heaters is one by one radiated, or pre-zoned, so that the exterior parts are hotter in comparison to the middle segment (inadequate film drape is often a result of an over power of warmth in the heart of the sheet).

Skin stretch Packaging Station: Exclusive vacuum pack style ensures accuracy and precision skin stretch packing of items by introducing the card (with product or service) approximately the film in a parallel orientation. The film is instantly nourished in the film clamp body earlier mentioned for the vacuum pack. This technique prevents pieces from switching on the card although being epidermis-stuffed. The top volume level vacuum process features personal vacuum and bleed management to make certain excellent effects.

Cut Station: Preciseness four article, great tonnage clip push 80 ton standard with greater tonnages readily available). Employs higher efficiency, Zed special method of securing the toned hit platens and energizing a supplementary pancake cylinder to cut, hence boosting the rate from the press as well as lowering the hydraulic system required. Enables remarkably high cut pressures being produced with small hydraulic substance motion and energy consumption. All platens are solid metallic, which span the whole trim location and in excess of 5″ dense, totally eradicating deflection, as familiar with constructed platen constructions.

Package Discharge: Soon after pass away decreasing, the individual cards are locked in the net by small nicks from the expire, which allow the full credit card to list forwards on the outfeed package deal unloading area for case packing, and so on.

Scrap Rewind: Exclusive switch valve method in the rewind process offers a factor weight while winding or positioning among machine routine advancements. This insures appropriate epidermis film and card windows registry with the machine, without having to break the scrap web while bundling for convenient fingertips.

common heat treatment of packing

Higher regularity induction coil wrapping machine:

1.IGBT technology

2.very low enery intake

3.widely use.

4.oscillation regularity: 50-100KHZ

Induction Home heating Machine














Max production power












Maximum enter voltage

Solitary cycle


Single period


Single phase


3 period 380V



3 cycle


3 period


3 period


3 period


3 period


3 period


Max insight current












Oscillation consistency


Amazing water strain


Cooling temperatures

Host weight

1) heating speed is fast,common heat treatment(eg. Quenching,annealing),in general,heating time is no more than 10seconds/piece,solve that oxide layer is too thick due to long heating time for traditional heat treatment coil wrappingtechnology
2) Using the most advanced IGBT power component and inverter technology, large output power, uniform heating, small deformation, energy saving
3) Heat – warm-cooling three time setting function in coil wrapping
4) With over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, less water and other fault protection and display function
5) According to the power and frequency to select power supply, the higher frequency of heating depth is shallow, frequency of the bow heat.

Change the coil packaging


(1) highspeed steadiness, long life: it really is a unique wise technologies, small style in the business referred to as successful, this original sleeve marking and coil wrapping machine made to provide a highspeed functioning is actually solid assist. Spare parts are used worldrenowned companies, specially electric management process part of the customer is mainly responsible for their trustworthiness accountable, utilizing all appropriate industrial industries best product or service, a essential ensure for the standard of the overall performance from the gear, together with its distinctive shut down layout , not merely in the course of the user, whilst the gear method on its own also performed a great protective effect, considerably stretching out the life in the equipment.

(2) Excellent safety overall performance: If artificially bring security hidden, its safety system automatically detects and immediately stop operation, must be restored by detecting recognition may continue, the new sets of standard machine in the design process fully reflects the machine harmonious design, production process, equipment operation, always in a unique design protection systems under improper operation.

(3) utilizing a broad range: within the successful variety of the folding pathway, no matter if coil packaging is circular, rectangular or other designed develop, created from glass, plastic, does apply.

(4) operating charge: a coil wrapping machine bottles, the full system is distinctive only cutter put on parts, comfortable access, very easy to substitute, the fee problem is lower.

(5) Change the coil packaging effortless: modular design for mildew, a mildew jar fungus cost-free utilization of any tool a lot more

Conclusion-of-Line packaging and palletizing demo

he Fhope packaging is rated at approximately 20 selections a minute – around 10 instances per minute of accommodating packaging. Possibilities consist of included scenario erector and sealer for entirely automated functions. At Pack Expo the totally auto model will be on display being an integrated function in Professional Fhope packaging’s Conclusion-of-Line packaging and palletizing demo.

The Fhope wrapper’s metallic body is designed for many years of service. The machine’s modest footprint – much like the location expected to pack situations manually – conserves floor area. In order to improve throughput and reduce downtime, Changeover for different SKUs is streamlined. The HMI is user-friendly, producing operations simple and trouble shooting speedy. The stretch wrapper is compatible with a variety of case varieties.

“Customers looking to broaden organization into new marketplaces as well as gratify developing desire in existing market segments will certainly find the new Raptor is precisely what they are looking for,” mentioned wrapper, V . P . of Technological innovation for Edson. “The Fhope can be a flexible and rugged machine that may increase in capability as product require boosts. Lots of technology went in the machine to make certain this excellent amount of performance and price.”

Gearbox apps for packaging machine

The Benchmark Automation line of coil Shrink Wrappers accepts many different products fed instantly from the of their InFlight Loaders or provided yourself. Their servo motivated finish seal off Mouth, coupled with accurate constant action loading, bring about reduced film use and improved uptime.

The Shrink Wrapper includes the most recent manages and durable design and style in to a ruggedly trustworthy machine developed for long trouble and life free of charge functioning.

The packign machine is IPak’s most compact footprint servo-dependent machine yet, 56Per cent smaller compared to its TF-200 design, which makes it a sudden industry head in conserving creation room.

The coil packaging line includes sophisticated capabilities, like dealing with no-rectangular blanks, melt when needed stick program, fully filled 8” touch-screen HMI manages, merchandise changeovers in under ten minutes, and servo motivated elements. IPak’s exact servos permit higher control over diagnostics, speed and monitoring and sequence programming that results in increased performance, with significantly less coil packaging line packaging waste and greater cost savings. Much less push throughout developing also enables smoother dealing with, a quieter machine, and a lot more attractive tray displays where performance and aesthetics are vital.

The coil packaging line is ideally suited for customers who may have limited producing space and need to generate 25 to 35 good quality, well-created trays a minute. Consumers with radiant visuals or individuals moving up their holder style to thin corrugate in E-Flute or B-Flute styles may also enjoy the TF-100’s precision and flexibility in creating powerful, well bonded containers. Customer apps incorporate treatfoods and desserts, create refreshments, and candies, and others.

“The TF-coil wrapping packs innovative technology and features within an incredibly tiny machine,” said Dyrl Nixon, IPak Item Director. “The coil packagingprovides unequaledperformance and efficiency, simplicity of use, and purchase value within a dimensions that suits almost any manufacturing atmosphere. IPak methods deliver more powerful, much more regularly created, sq and securely fixed containers than some other coil packaging machines in the market.”

compostable coil packaging

Dorset, You.K.-structured organic gourmet coffee company Pet bird & Wilderness has enhanced its merchandise circulation by using replenishable, compostable coil packaging motion pictures. Bird And Wild produces certified Bird Pleasant coffees, which suggests the coffee has been developed in a manner that safeguards significant migratory bird environments in equatorial caffeine expanding regions.To enhance their environment references, they picked Econic accommodating pouch coil packaging, produced by Nz converter Convex Plastics. The pack is actually a triplex laminate of reverse-published crystal clear NatureFlex/substantial-obstacle metallized NatureFlex, from Innovia Videos, as well as a starch-dependent biopolymer.This framework ensures that the fragile freshness and flavor of Bird And Wild’s special coffees are locked in.

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Say Emma Broomhead and Ben Roberts, who operate Bird And Wilderness, “Econic coil packaging machineis a perfect match our company, and the packaging is assisting us develop our You.K. distribution into health food stores, delicatessens, and farm shops as their owners and customers are increasingly demanding much more eco-warm and friendly possibilities. World Organic is certainly one this sort of food store that has selected to inventory our espresso.Utilizing compostable coil packaging is very important for all of us mainly because it fits the ethos of our brand.”

According to Innovia, the films also offer other advantages for packaging and converting, such as high seal strength and integrity, excellent gas, aroma, and UV light chemical, grease and barrier resistance, anti and deadfold-static properties, and enhanced printing and converting, NatureFlex films are certified to meet the American ASTM D6400, European EN13432, and Australian AS4736 standards for compostable packaging.They begin life as a naturalwood and product, which is sourced from managed plantations operating on good forestry principals..

all the coil packaging lines

he diagram demonstrated listed here is a stage in the direction of responding to that issue. It was created by Coil packaging machine Inc., a supplier of software using a world-wide cloud app foundation plus a organization which offers an array of both track and tracetrace and supply group alliance software on that program. Modeled after the ISA-95 normal for your integration of control and enterprise solutions, the diagram illustrates a number of the line-levels and plant-degree computer software consequences that ought to be regarded as when developing a track and trace structures.

Coil packaging machine is productive to help numerous prescription drug manufacturers implement and develop their serialization tactics worldwide. I had a chance to speak with Brian Daleiden, VP Advertising and marketing at Coil packaging machine, about a few of the challenges that have to be conquer. Shows:

As it happens, the Level 5 you see within the diagram isn’t definitely an element of the ISA-95 hierarchy. But it’s very ideal for pharma companies to help keep it within their feelings because they construct out an integration architecture because decisions produced at Levels 5 can have an affect on their business on his or her packaging lines. You will need to understand where the serialization and aggregation info will go, what sort of solutions could be known as on to process that information. Or trading partners may have certain requirements, that may inform how you configure your packaging lines and your site serialization servers and things of that nature, because those systems may have certain requirements.

The concept of learn details management on the company level is becoming smartly important, specifically at the multinationals exactly where they should be certain they may push that data for any coil packaging line in a international enterprise, occasionally to associates like deal manufacturers, agreement packagers, or 3rd-celebration logistics vendors, for example.

Coil packaging machine went reside a year ago using their serialization remedy for Asia. They journeyed from observing coil packaging as some thing done locally for China to some thing where the requirements are handled throughout the world. They started working with us a couple of years ago to construct the infrastructure and make changes on the packaging line stage to back up the new method. It begins with getting the serial figures through the Oriental federal government. We capture them and push them as a result of each of the coil packaging lines. We take grasp details using their Pfizer SAP ERP process. And when the merchandise are packaged and moved, we capture those occasions and drive out of the required studies. Pfizer is doing numerous million models because proceeding are living. Could possibly be nearing 10 million devices. At our webinar this prior spring season, two Pfizer associates talked about this from an operations and IT viewpoint. It’s dependent on rethinking your small business. Your structure must be setup accordingly. As well as your working procedures have to be, as well. To Pfizer’s credit history, they had the ability to re-believe developing and provide chain with international harmonization since the important.