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chinese manufacturer for automatic aluminum packaging line 2014


In order to be put on a stacker or to another kind of container, the just dropped sub-bundles/profiles can be easily taken by the operators on this table. This is possible because of some straps transferring the offers/profiles from a position close to the idler rolls into a position close to the stacker or any other form of pot close by the operators.


The automatic bundle manufacturer due to an integrated system of forks, package transferring lifters, motor-driven rolls allows to acquire levels of packaged profiles by using a programmed dimension and order coming from the wrapping machine. The establishing of your package’s measurement is completed by way of the operator’s solar panel where the duration and the height of every package below growth could be described.

8) Circumstance WRAPPER of Aluminum packaging line

The truth aluminum wrapping machine, located at the bundle manufacturer get out of, has got to wrap the just created pack with the extensible plastic-type material film. In this manner each of the sub-bundles/information can be snugly related one of them. Throughout the changeover from the bundle through the main system from the machine, it is possible to predict a wrapping system according to a most significant quantity of film tiers in correspondence with particular details from the package. The truth wrapper comes with an automated product for hardwood spacers placement (around the upper along with the reduced section of the bundle) along with an electronic manage for the self-centering in the border of rotation based on the dimensions of the pack. The machine is susceptible for two extensible film nylon coils, each with a of diam 250 millimeters. and a lenght of 250 mm.