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Roberto and Giuseppe Prioriello, co-founders of Pringraf remark, “We fell deeply in love with the Highcon Euclid, experiencing it as being a great solution. We ended up being searching for something great, something more productive that will allow us to deliver our ambitions to our lives. We have been in the publishing enterprise considering that 1994 and have been enthusiastic about the link between graphic design and style, computerized modern technology, and printing. This revolutionary new product will remove the limits built into making truly creative layout and may create the realization of package layout much more headache-free of charge.”

So that you can demonstrate its responsibility, Pringraf came into and won design honors having a Gelato box package electronically cut and creased on the Highcon Euclid machine. The company’s honours add the ProCarton ECMA Meals classification as well as the Deluxe Packaging Awards Finest in Show and Best Deluxe Meals Pack groups.

The Gelato container packaging short has come from Pingraf’s client, Aloha. The organization planned to package its product within a wicker basket but did not assume that it might be easy to make the principle with cartonboard. However, this was made a reality thanks to the Euclid’s capabilities. The wicker construction came to be through great-high quality elaborate laser beam cutouts that will keep up with the basket shape during customer use, properly representing the intended item demonstration. Furthermore, it led to an ecologically eco friendly, more affordable principle, which discovered the client attain greater product sales and industry reputation. Time for you to marketplace was only ninety days.


“I have acknowledged Pringraf for several years,” states Nigel Tracey, Highcon Sales Director. “The company is a true innovator and the Highcon Euclid is a good complement on their behalf. I am looking towards finding how it assists expand the business.”

Pringraf approved the deal with MGraf, the most recent accessory for Highcon’s submission route in Italy. The Highcon Euclid II includes several quality and productivity improvements. This is caused by the precious input garnered from Euclid buyers around the globe. Updates add a new substrate managing process, improved creasing high quality, and enhanced cutting algorithms.