Cubic boron nitride end mill


Cubic boron nitride end mill

Japan Calloy began to develop an end mill made of cubic boron nitride, the material is the hardest cutting material, more than the usual diamond material. Compared with the overall carbide end mill, the end mill is more suitable for high hardening steel metal parts for milling, and the tool life is very long, its use is mainly the company’s equipment can withstand hardened steel Accurate and efficient high-frequency milling.

However, Calloytool Europe is now offering CBN end mills for the European market. The main purpose of its research and development is not only to improve the surface quality of props, but also can increase tool life. In addition, you can increase the spindle feed and speed, in order to reduce the total production time. Compared with the overall carbide end mill, the end mill has better surface quality and longer service life, mainly for high hardness of steel man-made and unmanned (high frequency) cutting, in order to produce mold The There are many types of end mill, diameter accuracy of 0 ~ -3μm, radius accuracy of ± 2μm, diameter from 0.1mm to 6mm range. Calloy Europe can use existing developed production equipment to develop and produce custom end mills according to customer requirements. The following is a description of the end mill.


• Suitable for high hardening steels up to 70 HRC

• Suitable for high speed milling

The main type

•Fine cutting end mill [RG]

•Round edge cutter [HR]

•Round edge cutter [STR]

•Shell-shaped round cutter [STR]

•Rough Cut End Milling Cutter [AR]

•Fine cut full R end mill

•Pillier End Milling Cutter [DR]

•Full R finishing knife [AER]

•Pill-head type coarse cutting ball end mill [AR]

High precision

• Diameter accuracy: 0 ~ – 3μm

• Radius accuracy: ± 2μm

Features TOWA CBN end mills

• Increase tool life

• Improve surface quality

• Reduce production time

• Reduce the total cost of the tool