electric wire and small sectional cable grow to be
packing machine

Our company for business integrity,quality products,advanced technology and friendly service,won the majority of customer recognition.And we have the international ISO9001 and 14001 certified environmental management certification.Our products have been sold to dozens of areas as well as countries all around the world.for example,Southeast Asia,Mid-east,Africa,USA,Europe,Russia,Brazil and so o, as gone through 14yearsn

1.Modest,fast, reputable,,affordable

2.It is a must for any cable control creation premises

3.Pneumatic actuation in the supply roller, can serving velocity can be adjust

4.Our machines are customized to your product according to the type and cable tie length andrequirements of your application

Automatic feeding, strapping and cutting.

5. PLC Handle, touchscreen display.

1,capacitance cut thighs to the radial component of volume cutting steer operations, ideal for mass production, protectingstretch wrapping machine manpower;

2, unique reducing approach, tool metallic shipped in from China coloration, extended life and easy to alter;

3, minimize ft . high accuracy and precision, the quickest lower to 3mm or 2.5mm (to be tailor made) control employs the coil wrapping machine electronic digital components, longevity, supply steady electric integration of feeding effect, speedy cut hip and legs and supply holder are utilized sub- Entire body Increase positioning to protect yourself from accident at the crash graphical user interface damage;

4, the supply dish of shipped in fiber shrapnel vibrations, long life, not shattered getting older;

5, the coil packing machine give plate components can be personalized according to customers could also install the countertop based on client needs (provide items);

6, now our business has continued to evolve earthenware capacitors, Aberdeen toned capacitor, thermal capacitance and several programmed devices lower thighs and legs.