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Eleven stretch wrapping machine Debate Suggestions

Lupack stretch wrapping supplies a very unique wide range of stretch film machines and dispensers, through the simple unit up the completely intelligent substantial-performance stretch wrapping machine. Which means that regardless of what kind of item, with regards to dimension, speed and weight essential in the generation process, Lupack stretch wrapping provides the option.

Stretch wrappers for pallets

Lupack stretch wrapping makes a range of stretch wrappers for pallets and palletised items through the manual plastic-type material or aluminum dispenser approximately the rotating turntable – left arm – diamond ring wrapper, known as Mancon. Functionality cover anything from one pallet or a lot less packaged per day as much as over 100 pallets an hour manufacturing ability. Specialities in stainless steel and -20?? atmosphere software are available.

Stretch wrapping methods

Lupack stretch wrapping offers a variety of stretch wrapping solutions to protect and secure tons for external, internal and transportation, generating processes faster and much more productive. From semi to completely auto, little to large, gradual to incredibly quick, Lupack stretch wrapping stretch wrappers can be found worldwide from our associates and our impartial distinctive distributors. The item family members are:

Turning convert furniture (F1-SW)

Rotating arms (RA)

Rotating robots (WR)

Ring wrappers (Mancon)


Large-task wrapping equipment

reliability, flexibility and economy, mainly because they allow time savings and minimise the stretch film consumption to correctly pack any kind of fill, lupack stretch wrapping wrapping devices are weighty-duty and synonymous with flexibility.

Lupack stretch wrapping equipment utilises probably the most well-known international companies of electronic, pneumatic and electrical components, and its individual metal page manufacturing, to deliver the very best items.

The Lupack stretch wrapping team will identify the best solution from the machine and from the consumable point of view in order to satisfy any request, either with standard or customised applications utilising a wide selection of options and accessories. Experienced technicians together with the most prompt spare parts service, support any user all over the world, in order to keep equipment efficient for the longest period of time.

The main sectors utilising our gear are:

beverage and Food

Pharmaceutical and beauty


Design and common developing

Time-saving stretch film machines and dispensers

In order to minimise installation, set up, usage and necessary maintenance intervention, Lupack stretch wrapping focuses on reducing packaging time.

A myriad of simple to use features and automation are utilised, or accessible, in all of the Lupack pallet wrapping machine.

Our objective is always to keep our buyers happy.