Encrusting machine automatically for Cookie, Pastry


automatic encrusting machine



Danish Laminating Line, Money Laninating Line, Croissant Laminating Line, Danish Breads Laminating Line, Danish Pastry Laminating Line, Sheeting and Laminating Line

Automatic encrusting machine Appropriate Goods: Danish Breads, Croissant, Puff Pastry, Danish Pastry


1.The Laminating Line is to use Europen Machanical and Electronic Manage Technologies and SGS Licensed.

Like Siemens PLC, Siemens Inverter and Siemens Colour Touchscreen Display.

2. The line includes money laminating, rolling, conveying, freezing and sheeting re-rolling, shaping and 2nd-time very cold.

3. The line could be created to do just about anything danish dough. A wide range of types of danish money may be refined with the same production line.

4. The line is may be combined with Danish A loaf of bread Machine operating as Auto Danish Bread Production Line. Also it could be coupled with Croissant Makeup Machine operating as Automatic Croissant Creation Line.

5. With its just controlled Siemens Shade Touch-screen , it is a dynamic user-friendly machine.

6. Program control for online packaging.

The production line isoptical and mechanical, electronic digital incorporation. It adopts Siemens Inverters, Siemens, Siemens Touchscreen Display.

Main Technological Parameter

Production Capability: 300-800kg/h

Power: 30.0Kw(which includes Cold Program)

Machine Excess weight: 5000Kg

Voltage: 380v/50hz or per your requirement

Overall Dimention: 20000*4300*2900mm