enhancements in razor wire wrapping packing machine and strapping

‘ The strip ll bearing the rotor blades 2| now passes A via a stationary spiral collapsable cam 35 which folds the flaps 34 a single over the other, as proven at 36 (Fig. 3, thus taking the four areas 23 of adhesive nearby the rating lines into connection with the key constant portion of the strip ll so as to coincide together with the 4 recessed sides of each being successful couple of adjoining rotor blades, while the two sticky areas 24 seal off the flaps 34. The strip now passes below a weighted dish 28, which is often heated up, and which presses the scored folds up of flaps 34 and insures attaching of your adhesive. The strip next goes by involving two’- subsequent pairs of pullingrolls 31′, 38. Between feed moves l3 and taking rolls 3! Before they are fixed as by the adhesive, the strip II is maintained steady under fixed even tension to prevent displacement of the blades while they lie free thereon and. It will’be understood that, due to the reliability of thelrotary motions utilized in my increased machine, the cutting blades are organised by sticky at their ,4 recessed corners with no sticky getting upon the cutting blades. A transverse blade 33 then severs the patient covered .rotor blades, as shown at 40 Fig. 3, and’iust as each packaged blade 29 is severed it really is seized by a set of moves 4| powered at a bit elevated rate and which consequently have a tendency to rip the severed wrapped blade through the succeeding blade, insuring a good severance, and provide it to your stack: or even the packaged cutting blades could be provided instantly to a tucking machine for installation in lots inside the usual cardboard pack or tuck, and thence to the final cover, like Cellophane.

It will be recognized that the personal motions of my razor blade wrapping machine are tailored together and all functions are synchronized by a chain and sprocket push.