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Pack Expo 2012 is just around the corner and Marden Edwards Inc is in its final stages of preparation before launch. Marden Edwards & Pack Expo logoThis prestigious horizontal stretch wrapper packaging event, occurring in Chicago Illinois (McCormick Place), from Saturday 28th – Wednesday 31st October, where a lot more than 1,800 exhibitors and roughly 46,000 visitors from above 120 countries worldwide, was seen as the perfect system introducing the newest Marden Edwards Restricted subsidiary organization Marden Edwards Inc for the American horizontal stretch wrapper packaging industry.

In order to maintain and improve, our already high level of service, we needed to bring Marden Edwards to the US with Marden Edwards Inc, since 1961 Marden Edwards has established an valued, loyal and extensive customer base, within the America regions and it was seen that. With this new US support line launched, means we are able to now supply additional support for machinery enquiries, post sales spares, service and more.

Which has enabled us to show a wider range of our overwrapping capabilities, for this year’s Pack Expo Marden Edwards have taken a bigger stand than ever before. We are going to be demonstrating our newest completely automatic B100FF, showing wrapped Confectionery cartons, kindly provided by Enstrom Confectioners, at accelerates to 40 cartons each minute. Along with our fully automated overwrapper will remain the Semi Auto, showing Marden Edwards Cosmetic cartons at rates of speed as high as 10 cartons each minute.

It is really an interesting time for Marden Edwards and we greatly anticipate talking to you soon. If you are intending to go to Pack Expo make sure you take the time to visit us at presentation space: 4061 in Hallway: Top North.

It’s a family-run business that started off making ‘the finest 100 % pure butter almond toffee in the world’ for a few close2 Overwrapped Enstrom Chocolate Cartonsfriends – but today Enstrom Candies, based in Colorado, is known correct around the globe for the standard of its confectionary.