Finding the shortcomings from the before upenders

[0047] The automobile carrying PCBA to the flip inlet (upender 4) -> sensor registers automobiles coming into the transmission to begin the twice push sequence -> automobile switched in the machine and run to secure the device stops (upender 1) -> the top of the the cylinder is hold, open and press downward the level of your vehicle (upender 5) -> Flip starts off turning (upender 6) -> completed vehicle roll-over requirements (upender 7) -> lifting cylinder locking operate, in a secondly conveyor path carrier (upender 8) -> company in the secondly move conveyor keep track of upender equipment, the method cash to the next.

According to damaged, equipment and vehicles circuit boards and components, [0048] shows that the present invention is a method for automatically upender machines and flip through the use of double transfer orbit, designed to work together to operate the vehicle with tilting mechanism, you can flip the load capacity of the equipment to ensure that reached 5KG, able to meet all existing products and the vehicle’s production needs; through twin cylinder design, effectively prevent the coasts and abnormal drop in vehicle rollover process to achieve a stable and buffering requirements of the vehicle to prevent the operation process due to severe impact.

[0049] The above embodiments are only illustrative of your concepts and excellent effectiveness of the present technology and not for reducing the current invention. Any skilled within the art are available in the current creation without the need of departing from your scope and spirit of the embodiments detailed above can be modified and changed. Therefore, the range of safety from the privileges of your invention, the state ought to be placed in it.