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Food items Product packaging Equipmentcapacity higher 2

High-speed Coming-filling-capping Combiblock combines the coming system, filling system and capping systemin one integrated system, reducing several intermediaries for example transmission, empty bottle handling and storage processes, which enhances packaging clean condition and reduces packaging ross-contamination in order to enhance the overall operating efficiency but lower the power consumption, therefore cuts down on the overall production price of businesses.

Product Range

Manufacturing capacity from 12,000 BPH to 80,000 BPH.


It’s put on Dog canned pure water, bubbly soft drinks, juice, water dairy, fluid condiment and family And private care products, and so on.

Secure infra-red ray heating system and

independent heat harmony gadget make sure

the dependable temp through the preform,

even color of the container while growing from the


Unique created two times-coming system

can keep track of pressure in each and every mold in

to supply accurate true-time parameter

for user. It really is simple for your owner to

adjust the parameter and ensure the steadiness

of container building.

High-speed and precision diaphragm sort

stuffing control device: Prepare oxygen rear funnel that may be

divided from water slip carousel, by which, the environment

transformed within the Animal jar will not likely key in liquefied

slide carousel to avoid 2nd contamination. Provide cleaning

dummy bottles which could recognize on-line CIP.

Hygienic and cleanable capper: Enhanced

cam surface design and style assures the bare minimum

influence strain from your capper .Bottle discharging

starwheel is messing midway respectable, so it’s

unneeded to regulate the conveyor elevation

through jar structure modify.