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Ilpacking the manufacturer of good packing machine–2

ILAPAK Global S.A. – Carrera, Weightronic, Vegatronic and Delta Alfa

ILAPAK’s objective is to supply our customers with product packaging alternatives tailored accurately for their requirements, to minimising their charge for every load up by way of quite reputable equipment and excellent service.

With headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland, ILAPAK has 17 sales and service subsidiaries globally, along with over 450 qualified product sales and repair workers in other countries around the world.

ILAPAK’s 5 manufacturing sites (Switzerland; Italy; The far east; Arkansas and North Carolina), totaling about 20,000 sq yards of taken care of place, are locations of superiority, focused on a certain packaging technologies.

ILAPAK’s Among the most significant income And assistance teams in the business has a lot more than 600 packaging method shipping per year and it is a ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001: 2004 accredited organization.

Carrera, Horizontal flowpack (HFFS) equipment with rotary jaws

ILAPAK?ˉs side to side rotary mouth Carrera collection might be customized to complement every single client?ˉs distinct demands, and supply maximum manufacturing efficiency and flexibility at every performance level. Every single version comes in various versions with a wide variety of recommended extras for your packaging of meals and no-foods items.

Delta Horizontal models (HFFS) for altered environment wrapping

Probably the most effective ways to extend the shelf life of fresh items is always to load them in the hermetically covered load with revised atmosphere. Ilapak robust Delta machines are precisely designed to guarantee hermetic securing at high speed. Thanks to the flexibility of their design, the Delta series of devices commonly used on food items industries will also be if at all possible designed for low-foods applications when a hermetically sealed load up is essential, like medical and personal care products.

An incredibly wide and exciting range of reclosable alternatives, like adhesive tapes, clips and zippers are also offered on Delta equipment.
Vegatronic, Vertical devices (VFFS)

ILAPAK’s Vegatronic number of straight wrapping machinery can produce the very best quality and a lot revolutionary selection of load variations, although providing flexibility and exceptional performance. The Vegatronic collection is ideal for loose items, clean or frozen produce, powders, granulated items and liquids.To speed up packaging throughput, we have now designed several substantial-overall performance continuous motion picture movement machines like the Vegatronic 4000 and 5000, although the Vegatronic 500, 1000 and 2000 are irregular film motion equipment offered in a lot of model which include dual and willing designs.

Weightronic Multiheads Weighers

ILAPAK’s Weightronic range of high quality multi-head weighers are personalized to every buyer’s goods, to weigh up persistently and specifically across a really wide variety of load speeds and weights. The product array includes weighers from 10 to 18 heads, with development criteria for both °dry” or “damp” environments.

Alfa,Sachet machines

This is a new technology of servo motivated straight multiple-lanes equipment to create four-part closes sachets that contains powders, pastes and liquids. You will find several simple designs: Alfa 400, Alfa 700, Alfa 900 and Alfa 1200, correspondingly implying the maximum reel breadth for use. Every version is accessible having a a number of amount of lanes, as well as a full selection of dosing systems and machine choices to meet the most complicated needs