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5. The entire process of state 4 such as the stage of moving the dispensing means within an reverse direction from its initially path right after it has attained one stop of your weight to form a plurality of in the same way configured wraps on the covered top of the weight.

6. The entire process of claim 4 including the move of sensing the space traveled by the dispensing signifies to ensure the dispensing signifies stops a predetermined range ideal to allow it to include the joints in between overlying piled products.

7. This process reported in assert 6 where said sensing indicates includes implies fitted to said carriage relocating means which is important gear the teeth to find out the distance of journey.

8. A process of producing a unitary package by stretch wrapping a lot comprising a plurality of piled devices comprising the methods of:

a. putting the top finish of your roll of stretchable plastic material film web material coming from a dispensing signifies nearby a load;

b. collapsing explained plastic-type film web material produce a setup possessing two ropes hooked up by an unroped membrane layer, the thickness of your configuration getting lower than the size of the authentic web;

c. offering general rotation among mentioned dispensing means and said weight to move the extended plastic-type film website material in the dispensing implies;

d. applying pressure to the stretchable plastic material film web material so the plastic material film website material is stretched;