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More info about steel tube packaging.

Packaging of metal pipes and tubes

Packaging rolled smooth pipes

Package of spherical cross segment using a size of optimum. 800 millimeters, max. bodyweight of 3500 kg. After deal pack with hexagonal cross-area.

Regular approaches:

Pack linked by wire

Pack tied by a steel adhesive tape

Metallic adhesive tape underlined by tapaten

Improved steel tube packaging machine:

The comes to an end from the tubes (bundles) are covered with PE film or possibly a film and tapaten

Right after contract security in the interior surface area of pipes by plastic material caps.

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Packaging of preciseness smooth pipes

Package of round go across segment using a size of maximum. 800 mm, optimum. weight of 2500 kg. On deal bundle with hexagon go across-area.

Normal approaches:

Package linked by metal adhesive tape

Stainlesss steel tape underlined by tapaten

Enhanced packaging for steel tube bundle:

The ends of the tubes are wrapped in PE film or some other supplies

Bundles are wrapped in PE film

Wooden mats about pack of tubes as mechanized safety

Wood made boxes – tubes are saved in mass or maybe in bundles

A variety of different kinds of steek tube bundle packaging

Soon after deal area security in the inner work surface of tubes by plastic-type material hats.

More info about steel tube bundle packaging.

Steel tube Packaging of accessories

Metal cases

Cardboard containers put on wood made pallets

Packaging of tubing semi-products

Standard metal tube bundle packaging:

Aluminum pipe pallets size 840 x 1240 by 860 millimeters (approximately 1000 kg)

Hexagonal bundles of tubes

Hydraulic tubing in bundles as much as 2,000 kg, using a time period of 6 m linked with stainlesss steel strap

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In accordance with customer features:

Cardboard cases place on wooden pallet (up to 1000 kg)

Solid wood cases ┬ĘC as much as 1 000 kg

Volume quantity totes Huge – BAGS

Pallets of billets