objectives for high high quality overrap wrappings

Fifty years ago, the company hand-wrapped all its boxes of toffees, but as demand grew, other methods, including shrinkwrap, were employed to keep pace with growing volumes. Although this met productiveness objectives, Enstrom was eager to return to the stunning, stylish appearance of the hand-covered package whilst satisfying the amounts of product needed to gratify a worldwide customer base.

So when Doug Tuttle and Doug Simons, of Enstroms, received a demonstration of the latest generation Marden Edwards BX100FF film and printed paper overwrapping machine at Interpack in Dusseldorf, they quickly saw the potential to restate one of their core brand values…that the quality of presentation should reflect the quality of the product inside.

“From the origins of Enstrom, we dedicated to ensuring that the standard of containers reflected the quality of the elements,” says Doug Tuttle. “At the beginning, we could actually fulfill demand via palm-twisted containers but as term spread out of our own scrumptious butter almond toffee and connected candies, this strategy was no longer commercial viable.

“Over the years, we adopted a variety of methods, but when we realised that the Marden Edwards’ solution would enable us to return to our core values of a hand-wrapped appearance through high quality overwrapping technology, the decision was made to purchase the machine.”

The Marden Edwards’ B100FF Series 5 provides Enstrom wrapping rates of speed of 20-40 cartons a minute throughout half a dozen diverse container measurements, as well as fast carton changeover and versatile horizontal stretch wrapper packaging capacity. Critically, the technologies have empowered the company to go from identified reduced high quality shrinkwrapping to better quality – and bio-degradable – film and imprinted papers overwrapping. Additionally, the B100FF delivers a 50Percent conserving on film costs along with a 90Percent decline in power usage more than shrinkwrap technologies – providing Enstrom a significant and immediate operating pay out-rear on the purchase.