package security for transportation

Orbital stretch wrapper & horizontal stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for door and panel

UN-qualified bag-in-package offers the greatest levels of security for moving harmful goods needing Course II and III packaging.

The 20-L bag-in-box packaging experienced several demanding performance tests performed by 15-E Packaging Services; the assessments incorporate cobb, vibration, drop and stacking drinking water ingestion.

For the container drop tests, each package was fallen from 47.2 in. in a various angle. Any damage or seeping through the exams voids the package deal. CDF’s case-in-package package deal passed the decrease exams at 1.2m.

The stacking check is carried out to guarantee the offers are sufficiently strong enough that they may not failure. For that stacking tests, two loaded offers of the identical sort are placed on the examination test. The piled packages should keep their place for starters hr. CDF’s package deal passed the stacking test at 303.9Kg – 24 hours.

The vibrations exams are done to imitate the package traveling by motor-driven vehicle. CDF’s handbag-in-box bundle approved the shake examination at 4.1Hz – 1 hr.

The cobb drinking water intake examination is conducted in the fiberboard external package deal to test the quantity of water that may be assimilated by the surface of papers or board in a given time. CDF’s package passed on the cobb drinking water absorption check at 30 minutes.