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Packaging of tube semi-merchandise for package

The photos present how bevel protector is set up.

The guard is constructed of a metallic strip developing into a circular shape.

The abutting finishes of your ring are fitted with metallic wedge clasps.

Bevel protectors of the kind shown in the photographs can be used for large size series water pipe.

The wedge, which has possibly machined change teeth or simple ends, is placed into the claps and tapped into place to expand the guard in the tubing finish.

This guards the susceptible cause deal with and bevel towards harm during subsequent dealing with from mill delivery to introduction on the task internet site.

Inappropriate techniques or reckless dealing with will likely cause tubing damage of the following varieties:

(a)Denting, ovalling-a result of utilization of poor supports or stacking to excessive height.

(b)Conclusion harm-due to usage of poor finish hooks for lifting or by tough coping with where the pipe finish is hit.

(c)Tiredness cracking-brought on by top to bottom vibrations throughout transportation because of too much fixed and cyclic tons.

(d)Abrasion, damaging-brought on by the tube wall surface getting rubbed or hit towards other objects.


Hooks Hooks shall be designed to stop end problems and shall be lined with rubber. They should certainly also provide enough width and depth to put the inside the pipe.

Picking up

Lifting shall be carried out in order to avoid influence loads that could result in nearby denting or out-of-roundness from the tubing body or tube stops.

Bevel safeguarding

Bevel protectors which are loose or missing shall be reattached to the pipe end before the pipe is handled.


The top on what the tubing will probably be placed or piled will be free and flat of protrusions. Bearing strips will be cautiously leveled to deliver standard fill distribution.

Launching Tiers and Bottom Dunnage

The utmost permitted number of reloading divisions the stowage of steel pipe cargoes (with D/t 50 plus) is

measured through the subsequent formulas: