Packing for transportation

Packaging is outsourcing

The packaging function is outsourced to Phillips-Medisize in New Richmond, Wis., where a single packaging line is utilized to put together the Cologuard Selection Systems.This line has the ability to create up to 1.2 million kits/year, utilizing a mixture of computerized and handbook operations. Phillips-Medisize brings together elements shaped in-home with a lot more outsourced components to construct a finished package that is certainly covered and ready for delivery towards the circulation middle.

Assortment Kits are stored at space heat, far from heat and direct sunlight.When in handled storage place storing, the heat array is preserved among 15°C to 30°C.

Distinctive logistics approach

Mindy Bennett, Specific Sciences’ Director of Procurement, Planning and Distribution, states, “Working with UPS is a fundamental element of Exact Sciences’ business and everybody the company worked with at UPS, through the car owners to management, has been the meaning of professional, resourceful and responsive.”

Just before FDA acceptance, UPS came to the table to help the company create a distinctive logistics approach tailored to transporting the exam inside a basic and efficient way. UPS was ready to produce a completely new type of logistics with Specific Sciences, while providing service to both company and Cologuard sufferers.

Orbital stretch wrapper & horizontal stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for door and panel

Turek-Etienne explains, “Partnering with UPS has enabled Specific Sciences to follow along with through on its goal of obtaining physicians results within two weeks to make sure they may possibly talk about them with sufferers in actual-time. It is a challenging process, and UPS got a jump of belief using the business to design a process for something that got never ever been done just before, and this partnership has allowed Exact Sciences to deliver great support.”

In only 17 weeks on the market, Turek-Etienne remarks, “Cologuard has achieved a patient conformity level in excess of 70 %; this surpasses the most recent national testing compliance data and is also double the amount rate for conventional screening methods, which includes colonoscopy, implying that individuals will probably follow-through and acquire screened with Cologuard than other screening options.”