Pallet Shrink Stove machine

Shrink Hood Applicator

Packaging machine that wraps a pallet weight in thermoplastic film, that is provided as being a reel of place flat tubular film. A period of film is closed at a single finish and then placed and opened freely over the pallet fill. The pallet will be passed through a shrink tunnel or stove which applies warmth towards the hood which shrinks onto the pallet and load. This method of pallet wrapping is utilized for goods like bricks which have to be covered with printed film.

Pallet Shrink Stove

Equipment similar to a box that decreases thermoplastic film about a pallet in a batch procedure. Suitable for reduced pace applications.

Pallet Shrink Tunnel

Machine comprising a conveyor and a tunnel that shrinks thermoplastic film about a pallet since it moves with the heated up tunnel. Suitable for medium and pace programs.

Pallet Shrink Frame

Packaging machine which shrinks thermoplastic film around a pallet load by moving a heated frame over the surface of the film. This is a lower cost alternative to a shrink stove or shrink tunnel.