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panel-packing package as claimed in state in all of package

3. The modular panel-packing package as claimed in state 2, whereby every one of stated initial partitioning people in said initial partitioning devices features a plurality of couples of very first partitioning bedding, plus a plurality of initial spacer bedding each and every linked between two nearby pairs of stated very first partitioning sheets, each and every set of stated initial partitioning bedding getting connected and flattened on the other to form certainly one of said first partitioning plates.

4. The modular panel-packing package as stated in declare 3, wherein each of stated very first sockets is provided with a minimum of one initially coupling associate, said base wall structure being rectangle and simply being given no less than two secondly coupling participants attached correspondingly and removably to said initially coupling people in explained initial sockets, explained bottom surrounding walls such as four very first sidewalls hooked up respectively to several aspects of said base walls, all of mentioned initially sidewalls experiencing two opposing finishes every single furnished with still another coupling associate, any two nearby ones of mentioned stops of explained first sidewalls being connected removably by two related types of stated third coupling associates, mentioned top include including a rectangle-shaped top rated walls and 4 2nd sidewalls hooked up respectively to 4 ends of stated top wall, each of said 2nd sidewalls possessing two complete opposite stops each and every given a 4th coupling member, any two adjacent ones of said comes to an end of explained next sidewalls becoming interconnected removably by two corresponding types of said fourth coupling associates.

5. The modular panel-packing package as reported in claim 4, whereby all of stated initially and 2nd coupling members is L-designed, each of mentioned initial coupling associates simply being adhered to said base sheet as well as a corresponding among mentioned initially area sheets, each of stated next coupling participants being adhered partially to mentioned bottom part wall structure and getting some perpendicular to explained bottom part wall structure.

6. The modular panel-packing box as claimed in claim 5, in which said first,second and third, and 4th coupling members are hook and loop fasteners.

7. The modular panel-packing package as claimed in state 6, further comprising two next partitioning units, all of mentioned 2nd partitioning units together with a 2nd socket created using a plurality of 2nd place slots, and at least one next partitioning associate developing a plurality of next partitioning dishes each and every loaded right into a related among stated second place slot machines in explained next outlet, explained secondly partitioning plates determining a plurality of 2nd spacer slot machine games, explained second spacer slot machines in one of mentioned secondly partitioning devices getting aligned respectively with said next spacer slot machines inside the other of mentioned next partitioning models, so that the sections are disposed involving stated second partitioning models, and expand correspondingly into stated secondly spacer slot machines in either of explained next partitioning models.