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part structures upender repair demands tools

[0014] These sketches usually are meant to have the energy model schematic explanation and illustration, is not limited by the scale in the application version. In which:

[0015] Body 1 is an embodiment in the provide power model schematic;

[0016] Physique 2 is a strategy take a look at Shape 1;

[0017] Physique 3 is really a sensible embodiment of your innovation making use of the construction of your express diagram;

[0018] Shape 4 is actually a schematic structural diagram of the vehicle part body;

[0019] From the drawings: 1_ base; 2_ push electric motor; 3_ gearbox; 41_ worm; 42_ worm; 43_ PTO shaft; 5 – flick horizontal arm; 6_ part body strut; 61_ locking palm wheel; 62_ locking attach; 7_ chassis.

Distinct embodiments

According to the present utility model exemplary embodiments [0020] The following detailed description with reference to the accompanying drawings. In order to more concise specification is omitted on substantially the same part of the redundant description, here, note that, in the drawings, the same reference numerals will be given substantially the same configurations and functions of components, and.

[0021] Figure 1, Body 2 and Physique 3, your vehicle turn area body maintenance upender machine contains a base I, I explained foundation 7 is attached to the chassis, the chassis 7 is installed inside the generate motor unit 2, The effectiveness of the generate motor unit 2 is connected to productivity terminal of your transmission switching product, said changing indicates contains a travel motor unit 2, mentioned potential productivity terminal coupled to the drive transmitting 3, the power transmission 3 is linked to output terminal in the push worm equipment Worm items generate means, mentioned worm equipment and stated transmitting products indicates includes a power productivity terminal 3 linked to a worm items 41, the worm items 41 meshes with worm gear 42, the worm equipment 42 supplied around the energy result shaft 43, explained power production shaft 43 is placed on a up and down extending to both sides from the flip left arm 5, the upender left arm 5 has two bundles to the side frame into the pit of the side framework strut 6, one side frame assistance handle 6 is placed on the strut to the side body 6 of your locking left arm 5 in stated change side body strut on the locking means, mentioned side body strut includes securing signifies disposed inside the aspect frame strut 6 and 5 in the flick left arm 61 between the locking palm tire; a couple of one side going through the inside of structure strut 6 is another part framework locking indicates, said part framework attached to said locking signifies includes 6 part frame strut sealing screw 62, the sealing attach 62 stretching through the area framework strut 6.