Soft Atmosphere guards the product and package

Soft Oxygen safeguards the package and product

Following closing the case, atmosphere is allow in to the chamber via the aeration valve. Therefore, the atmospheric pressure outside and inside the chamber is the same, after which the lid can open. This may take place in two ways: ? typical aeration; ? aeration with the Delicate Air flow work.

Standard aeration

The device starts entirely and lets atmosphere into the chamber.

The vacuum bag envelopes the stuffed product quickly and firmly.

Some bags and products could be broken with this.

Aeration using the Delicate Atmosphere-work

Air flow is progressively enable in to the holding chamber (based on the pre-set time).

The vacuum travelling bag gradually and then in a operated way, envelopes the product.

By way of this, optimum security in the product and vacuum bag is confirmed.

How the Soft Atmosphere-function performs

Establish the delicate oxygen time

The bag will gradually envelop the merchandise

closing and Opening chambers with all the covers is not difficult. This calls for minimal energy because of the ergonomic form of the dual chambers.

With straightforward golf swing Henkelman causes it to be even less difficult. You might have the lid automatically showcase the desired timespan, on the click of a button. Easy swing can be set up on the Polar twice chambers.

For protection: ESD choice

ESD represents electrostatic discharge. Every time ESD appears in the vacuum procedure, it can cause harm to the item. Therefore Henkelman has made models from the Boxer and Falcon series ESD suitable. Comprehensive tests have shown the validity from the ESD solution. Every single design installed with this option is shipped using a specific TüV (Technical Surveillance Association) certificate. The ESD option is typically useful for packing electrical elements for example prints, chips, motherboards and wafers.

What sort of damage can you protect against?

You are able to stop the adhering to adverse reactions, amongst others, on distinct elements with the ESD solution:

breakdown of insulating material

breakdown of semiconductors

amalgamation of conductive networks

introduction of untraceable faults

degeneration of part functionality

early part malfunction.

Make certain optimum ESD protection: Use special ESD vacuum bags by using a machine using the ESD option.