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Solitary Style Packing Machine –Products Program

Aligner Feeder Circulation Load Machine

Products Program

This machine is used for packing cake, so, wafer, biscuit and Chocolate on.


1.It adopts servo PLC and motor to manipulate.

2.Procedure with LCD touch-screen .

3.The Structure of machine is logical and gratification is stable and easy to use .

4.Electrical control adopts popular brand like Touchscreen Siemens , PLC Siemens , Photocell Sick and tired (Germany) , Sensing unit Omron (China ) Contactor

Schneider (France ) , Inverter Delta (Taiwan ) , Bearing SKF (Sweden) etc .

Common Requirements

1. Rate: as much as 400bags/min

2. Travelling bag Span : 50-80mm ( 4 cutters ) 70-120mm (about three cutters) 90-180mm (Two cutters)

3. product or service Height : around 30mm

4. Strength : 5 kw 220V 50Hz

5. All round dimensions(millimeters): 6800 × 1720 ×1140

6. Body weight : 2000kgs

Candy Depositing Collection

Items Application

1. Could make difficult toffee and candy .

2. This machine are capable of doing individual shade , two layer dual color , heart filling up striped candies and the like.

3. Substantial translucent and Lumination.


1. Ongoing Vacuum cooking ,automated handle temp .

2. High translucent, easy to work .

3. It can prepare with Quantitative filling blending product like shade , fact, acidity liquid .

Common Features

1. Production Capacity(5g candy)(kg/h): 360

2. Strength ingestion(cooker)(kw): 16

3. Potential consumption(depositor)(kw): 14

4. Consumption of Compressed Air flow(m3/minutes): .5

5. Pressure of Compressed Air(Mpa): P=.4-.6

6. Water vapor ingestion(kg/h): 450

7. Vapor stress(Mpa): P=.6-.8

8. Water ingestion(L/h): 2200

9. Location to the Machine(m): 13X2X2.7

10. Excess weight of Machine(Lots): 6

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