Straight Develop Load Securing Machine

Intelligent Filling Equipment

Fill No-Cost-free Flowing Powders Whole milkChemicals and Powder, Pharmaceutical Abilities, Food And Drinks, Cosmetics such as flour, gourmet coffee, masala powder (spice powder), dry syrup natural powder, topping sweets and many others.

Intelligent Satisfying Equipment

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Jar Satisfying Machine (Twin Go)

Complete Non-Cost-free Streaming Powders MilkPowder and Chemicals, Prescription drug Abilities, Meals & Liquids, Cosmetics like flour, caffeine, masala powder (liven powder), dried up syrup powder, topping sweets and many others.

Bottle stuffing machine

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Semi Automatic Powder Stuffing Machine

Version: PFMV S304

Ideal for packing several merchandise in mutable pack size in little batches

Suitable when each laminated and non laminated pre-manufactured pouches can be used as packing


Fill No-Cost-free Flowing Powders Chemical substances, Pharmaceutical drug Abilities, Food And Beverages, Cosmetic products and so on.

Natural powder satisfying with PLC dependent controller for stuffing to accomplish very high reliability in filling. It includes built in pulse. The auger rotation heartbeat is revised and changeable by touch-screen method for accurate excess weight compensation. This ensures high satisfying accuracy as ideal.


Vertically mounted Servo Electric motor for exact halting in the attach turning at high speed.

Independently motivated agitator

Competent at holding filling parameter for about 99 items helps make choosing item – complete body weight by effect of a button

Electric panel inside constructed protective circuit.

“Personal Centering Funnel” – significantly minimizes changeover time during Cleaning up, provides instantly manufacturer setting for constant product movement.

Technological Specs


Filling up byQuantity

Filling array100-1000 gms.

Hopper Ability25 Lighted

Satisfying Accuracy?à 1Per cent

Energy prerequisite440V / 3 ? optional 220 V / 1?

Satisfying Rate15 to 25 each minute

Net Weight250 kg

Aspect LBH(mm)1000 x 700 x 2000

Strength Weight.75 kv

Semi Intelligent Powder Stuffing Machine

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