Superior technological innovation

Superior technological innovation: China-created electric motor controls synchronous reducing system to make sure extended use lifetime of decreasing instrument and high accuracy tag.

Highly effective manufacturing pace: 400-bottles/a minute (normal bottle) It can assist the development series or simply operate on your own.

Tag-dealing with indicator rack

Stretchy selection: The machine head may be leaned to put rounded bottle, square container, elliptic package, top of bottle and body of container. The newest twice material-offering system is applied to alter material alternately with a shorter period.

Auto cutting device location system: Search and position automatically by touching the screen.

A distinctive synchronous slicing foundation: The decreasing base doesn’t need changing inside of all the different specifications. If the specification needs changing, it can be done within two minutes.

safe and Simple functioning: A colored people-controlling operation is utilized with the two English language and Oriental models on it. It needn’t viewing when doing work. An alarm tool is set up.

Very low-consumption servicing expense: low-price deserted blade for easy transform

Long use lifetime of decreasing resources: stainlesss steel-connecting transmission system, reciprocating cutting and extented use life.

1.Complete stainless (304) defensive of principal generator: Guide your employee could be far better to operate; the machine is entirely water-resistant stainless.

2.Cutter plate: Distinctive shut down, twice blade for very long utilizing life

3.Label control sensor rack: original creation tail sensor and surface are combined to improve the accuracy of cutting the material.

4.Touch screen: operate humanization




Principal motor dimension (length*size*elevation)

2000L x 950W x 2000H(millimeters)

Main engine generation rate

Regular working: 10-400 package/min

Major motor power source

AC 3 ? 220V/380V

Container/can components

, plasticGlass and metal

Tag duration

25mm -280mm

Content label fullness

.03mm -.13mm

Brand material

Pvc material.Dog.OPS

Package/can elevation

15mm -320mm

Container/can size

30.5 -120mm

Package/can design

round, oval and square rectangular

Jar/Can Toned Thickness

48 -185mm