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Equipment Co.,Ltd is an businesses founded in 2000 which can be specialized in stretch film extruder machine, the breadth from 500mm to 2000,solitary level to multi layers. Our company is coupled with machine design and style, RAndD, manufacturing, after and sales sales solutions. Our company is conscientious and honest to supply our house and in foreign countries clients with higher top quality, reduced potential saving, high comparativer advance equipments.

As the continuous professional R and technology&D introduced, now stretch film extruder machine have our own patent and trademark which all meet the ISO international certification. We are derived from building our edge and merging our stretch film extruder machine features to provide our customers our prime effective models to succeed marketplace, top rated the peer and building XINHUIDA expert manufacturer which is recognized by the world-wide world.

Beneath the strain of the marketplace monetary trend and large market levels of competition, we maintain innovating, looking for popular ground while reserving.
The concept of stretch wrapping because the name indicates involves the usage of stretch-stick film. The elastic film is stretched round the item / carton. The film clings for the previous level of film. The routine continues repeating till the complete product or service / carton is included with film. Design to enable cylindrical products to be wrapped wit hLD / LDPE stretch film.

Capabilities :

Robust Construction , Safety measures incorporated , Indigenous style, User Friendly

Easy manipulation of load to supply bi-directional wrapping, Low strength intake

Adjustable speed

Relevant TO Sectors

Industries like Personal computer parts, Cosmetic items, Client merchandise, Household pumping systems, Power & Electronicgoods, Enginnering goods, Meals Handicrafts, Garments and products Pharmaceutical animation boxes, Multiple industrial use.

BrandWatch Systems for stretch wrapping machine

BrandWatch Technological innovation is a world-wide leader of company stability alternatives that technicians and companies covert minute detectors and markers. The markers can be embedded during manufacturing or packaging without having noticeably modifying the characteristics of the initial merchandise. BrandWatch stretch wrapping machine detectors supply instant in-discipline authorization anytime through the item lifecycle.

Potent manufacturer defense for bottles and packaging

Our overall flexibility modern technology is perfect for incorporation with a range of goods from various businesses, which include:

labels and Packaging





Foreign currency


ID badges

spirits and Wine

OEM elements

Official papers

Smoking cigarettes

Luxury goods

To discover scenario scientific studies and specific cases by business please go to the ‘Industry Intelligence’ area of our web site.

Covert marker pens for packaging and products

BrandWatch stretch wrapping machine at present produces two people of covert marker pens/taggants: SpectraTagg and MicroTagg. Both are detectable with the Disclose sensor. The taggants produce a cost-effective, flexible safety covering that may be secure for meals make contact with. They are often included in:



Plastic materials




Gardening chemical compounds

Immediate authorization product and packaging authentication instrument

Products or packaging might be instantaneously authenticated employing our up coming age group Expose detector at any time in the product lifecycle. This hand held sensor provides for unobtrusive affirmation due to its size and portability.

We deal with our customers to customize a method to distinctly authenticate their items, supplying:

Liability lowering

Fake detection

Product or service diversion prevention

Warrantee assert authentication

trace and Track

Quality control

Recycle chain affirmation

Versatile taggants and sensors

BrandWatch pallet stretch wrapping machine taggants and sensors are cost-effective, stay-alone systems. They can be layered to boost present overt and covert manufacturer security alternatives.

BrandWatch horizontal stretch wrapper works successfully with company managers and packaging, converting and labeling businesses. Our options easily incorporate into existing converting and labeling systems without noticeably altering package qualities.

Higher-high quality and safe taggants and sensors

BrandWatch horizontal stretch wrapper will ship its taggants and sensors right to your production or packaging center from my safe center inOregon and Portland, US. All taggants and sensors are developed and manufactured in-residence. Our customer satisfaction rating is outstanding due to the fact we preserve rigid secrecy through the entire overall chain of custody when upholding the greatest quality level manage.

Give us a call for the personal, no responsibility appointment.

Closures and wrapping machine dispensers for substance

Class is one of the world’s major closing companies of plastic-type closures to the carton, metal and plastic container businesses to an annual number of close to 60 billion sections. We support our buyers to find the excellent closing for storage units.

BERICAP provides closures for:

Beverages: carbonated sodas, fruit juices, teas, power cocktails, nevertheless and carbonated vitamin water, water in bottles (hod), and alcohol

Dairy products: milk and milk merchandise

Edible oil

Sauces and dressings

Engine essential oil and car drinks

Compound merchandise

Agrochemical items

Pharmaceutic items

Factors for that packaging industry: steel packaging, blow moulded packaging, plastic pails, carton packaging and glass packaging

According to the same quality and service standards to its global customers, with 20 factories in 18 countries across the world, on-going projects in Asia, the Middle Latin and East America, and a network of licensees and partners, BERICAP offers a truly global service to supply similar products made.

With four central R&D centres in Spain, Germany, Turkey and France, a form retail outlet in Hungary, and many satellite RAndD office buildings within its main operations, BERICAP is specially focused on growth and development in plastic closures for its buyers.

Plastic material closure manufacture, design and development

BERICAP’s services and important competences include:

Product growth

Neck area and orifice design

Form generating

Technical help for capping technology

Amazing hysteresis capping go

Item properties:

Chemical compatibility of product and closures

UN authorization for dangerous goods

Tamper evidence methods

IHS methods




Little one amount of resistance

Gas shield closures

Fresh air scavenging

Carbonation and tension retention

Body weight decrease for sustainability

Closing decoration (leading and aspect produce, UTC laserlight printing)


Aseptic (wet and dry toxic contamination for level and sports caps)

Hotfill in PET (1-personal computer closing e and technology-wall structure decrease)

Caps and closures for every compartment

BERICAP can find the closing answer for virtually any box. We make closures for carbonated soft drinks, nevertheless nutrient h2o, HOD and water bottles from 5l to 10l, beer containers, fruit juices, electricity cocktails, edible oils, sauces and dressingspharma, milk, agro, dressings and chemical-chemical products. Whether or not in metal, plastic material or carton storage containers, our closures can be used for coldfill, cool aseptic fill and hotfill programs.

Charge-preserving and environmentally friendly light in weight closures

BERICAP’s SuperShorty? and HexaLite? ranges of light closures for first time, light Animal throat finishes illustrate the company’s resolve for lasting packaging on account of decrease plastic resin ingestion and reduce garden greenhouse fuel emission.

BERICAP includes a light neck and closure remedy for chilly aseptic and hotfilling applications and for edible oils.

The HexaLite closing loved ones are appropriate for the lightweight 26mm throat finish; HexaLite 29 is proper for that 30mm neck area accomplish. For that 26.7mm neck area accomplish the HexaLite 26 FB supplies a complete excess weight saving of 2.8g. Compared with the traditionally used Animal neck 30/25 the financial savings are significantly increased.

BERICAP has enhanced the DoubleSeal SuperShorty? profile suited to PCO 1881 to incorporate the closing variety DoubleSeal SuperShorty Crown for alcohol, DoubleSeal SuperShorty for CSD, DoubleSeal SuperShorty CSD Eco as being a low-excess weight choice and DoubleSeal SuperShorty Still for nonetheless drinks. DoubleSeal SuperShorty for hotfill apps is likewise offered.

The venting potential of the SuperShorty design and style has become enlarged to ensure harmless venting on 2.5l containers loaded as much as 4.5 vol% Carbon dioxide, which suggests no probability of blow-away from if your buyer unscrews closures with too much rate. All SuperShorty closures are equipped with the well known DoubleSeal method for harmless securing even less than very hot climate circumstances.

Now BERICAP has completed its product range for PCO 1881 light in weight neck area finish with the introduction of the LinerSeal SuperShorty. The LinerSeal SuperShorty is actually a two-bit closure made out of polypropylene by using a free of charge-spinning EVA-liner. The LinerSeal SuperShorty is targeted at markets asking for two-piece closures generally, for UTC liner marketing promotions or searching for a obvious look. The closing functionality is similar to other two-bit closures perfect to PCO 1810.

All HexaLite and SuperShorty closures are equipped with a slit and folded security music group for productive tamper facts functionality along with a dependable and forgiving program on great-pace lines. The closing system has been intended for highest tightness.

Fuel barrier and oxygen-scavenging closures for oxygen-sensitive beverages

BERICAP has produced attach hats with petrol barrier and oxygen-scavenging components given that 1999. BERICAP gives different closure remedies with o2 scavenger in diameters of 28mm (PCO PCO and 1810 1881) and 38mm, which conduct a valuable contribution on the item protection.

The air scavenger integrated into the corresponding closure predominantly takes up the fresh air which accumulates inside the headspace soon after filling and is capable of lower the air information beneath the starting level after a while. These screw caps have been in use by well-known manufacturers.

No-flip, drip and widemouth-top rated closures

BERICAP makes a variety of low-drip closures with hinge-cover hats, screw hats, lengthy-skirt pourers or overlapping hats. Each cover is designed for the actual viscosity in the product: from lengthy-skirt pourers for reduced viscosity items like vinegar, to hinge-lid caps for medium sized to great viscosity merchandise like dressings. Rip-away bands and membranes are incorporated as tamper evident solutions. Fitments are also offered for flexible packaging.

Widemouth caps for top viscosity sauces and condiments are suitable for plastic and glass jars by using a neck complete of up to 80mm. The hats could be printed out or lined and embossed with EPE, IHS or PVDC.

Closures and dispensers for chemical substance products

BERICAP has a wide variety of closures for chemicals, agrochemicals and motor oil; and it is highly committed to discovering methods to client-specific specifications. The dedicated RAndD group of people is skilled with regulated offers for unsafe goods and might manage chemical compatibility troubles.

The company has a lot more than five years for packaging

Lupack can be a fully new anti–counterfeiting improvement coming from the research and development laboratories of one of many world’s biggest printing equipment manufacturers, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen in Germany.

Anti-counterfeit modern technology for consumers and brands

Lupack is an totally distinct proper market approach for brand name owners to interact with with shoppers. By using technology that is easily accessible by consumers and cleverly provides a proactive brand building strategy in the fight against counterfeiting, it offers a major deterrent against counterfeits.

The Lupack idea is simple. To stop counterfeiting, the most effective technology needs to be placed into the fingers of the people who treatment most: the shoppers.

Cell phone item authentication

Lupack works with a mobile mobile phone application (mobile app) to scan two part security tags. On the left hand side in the Lupack tag, a randomised design is made making use of copper wire that may be not mechanically repeatable, not even by Lupack. This gives an exclusive routine similar to a person’s fingerprint.

At the final packaging period of any item, the randomised design is seized and cryptographically inlaid in a QR program code around the right hand part from the label, together with item info provided by the brand proprietor. The last Lupack tag is then put on the product allow it an exclusive person identity using a triple-coating of security.

The mobile phone mobile app software program utilizes cryptographic technology to compare the actual randomised style on the kept together with the secret encrypted design inside the QR program code around the right. It then exhibits authenticated brand name manager merchandise facts about the portable monitor.

What is unique about this mobile phone technology is that Lupack does not employ a centralised database repository. Which means that you will find no fees to the user when authenticating items. Products may be authenticated from anywhere around the globe, and whenever you want, even where there is no mobile community connection accessible.

Not one other modern technology suits Lupack’s combination of customer robust, accessibility and ease protection.

Visible and unseen authorization methods

Most noticeable authorization methods are counterfeited sooner or later, as they are based upon bulk generated methods including holograms.

Lupack can be a option that buyers can aesthetically determine with. The two part Lupack label utilizes randomisation in the copper wire design, is not really reproducible and utilizes extremely innovative cryptography which can be invisibly inserted to the QR rule with the specific company owner’s product information, which counterfeiters cannot see but is straightforward to confirm making use of the Lupack mobile app on the mobile phone.

The Lupack remedy also acts as a deterrent to counterfeiters who view the Lupack on goods.

Brand advertising tool