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The entry level semiautomatic FK-6 is actually a lightweight machine for organizations that do not possess a big production requirement but want a specialist package overwrapping answer in a very very competitive value.

FK-6 technical info

1. Power source – 220VAC/500W

2. Overall measurements – 900mm by 60mm x 800mm

3. Excess weight – 90kg

4. Package size limitiations

– Minimal 50mm x 50mm x 10mm

– Highest 230mm x 200mm by 70mm

The Fhope packaging machine proven here is the AM-5 100/C auto film wrapper from the Burnley-Wega variety.

Envelope style end flaps

PLC manage with touch mat display screen

Primary seal off on area not base of pack

Rip tape connection (recommended)

Designed with automated quit system

Published film enrollment system (optionally available)

Up to 3000 packs hourly

Magazine supply alternative

Machine dimensions options are the following

Burnley-Wega AM-4

Bare minimum container size (depth x width by size): 5 by 60 by 60mm

Maximum size of the package (depth x size x length): 80 x 160 by 250mm

Specialized information:

Machine capability from 1200 to 2600 devices hourly dependant upon the dimensions of the package

Dimensions (L/W/H) – 2180 / 850 / 1600 millimeters

Weight – 700 kg

Power supply – 3x400V AC/ 50Hz/ 2500W or 230V Air conditioning/ 50Hz/ 2500W

Compressed air condition: ,6 Mega pixel; 350 l/minutes

Film: polypropylene, increase covered with thermo welding lacquer, fullness 20-30 micron

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OrionPP is skilled throughout the offering of entirely Noiseless Functions

Pouch Packing Machine Can Pack an array of products like Candies, Paan Masala, Tobacco, Granules and Cereals Herbal tea dust particles, Bhujiya along with other cost-free running materials in mug satisfying process up to 100 gr. The entire method from analyzing, travelling bag forming, stuffing and securing to slicing and packaging is completely quickly run.

Quiet Capabilities: –

Picture-mobile managed Stamping Points Tracing Process makes certain incredibly accurate travelling bag forming, cutting and sealing shows.

Built with an item counting product.

All parts in straight connection with the item are created from stainless conforming to hygienic standards.

Packing velocity are variable. Adjustment can be created as the machine is operating.

The full procedure from weighing, bag forming, stuffing and securing to decreasing and

packaging is completely immediately controlled.

Models can be made to customers’ own features on ask for.

Automobile Guide holder sealer DL-500A adopts vacuum swapping technique for refreshing packaging with petrol stuffing, It use vacuum water pump to suck the atmosphere out from the plate, then load mixed air flow which may extend the meal fresh daily life.The securing job is concluded when inside and outside oxygen stress is the same. The fresh air level is quite lower in the holder beneath this type packing way soas to solve the downside of conventional cleansing compensation packing method is commonly used for various meats,fowl, fish,organic,fresh fruits and also other clean food,prepared meats,breads and co on. The Chart packing is able to keep thetaste and color,shape,diet of food items effectively and lengthen the fresh lifestyle. Customers could also select DL-500B(one air flow) and DL-500C(MAP) based on their genuine requirements

Technological Characteristics:

1.Management system: OMRON PLC,it is programmable according to buyer’s requirements

2.Major fabric: stainless-steel 304,guarantee wonderful look and generally utilizing in awful condition

3.Numerous mould: a single machine is acceptable for a number of dimension containers packing,the mould is transformed quickly.

4.Filling up petrol with vacuum replacing: substitute air by vacuum pump motor,swapping impact is very good.

5. Breakdown warn: guarantee the machien operates generally.

6.Closed variety functioning framework: make sure clean and safe.

7.Substantial production effectiveness: place th plate which full of packing meals into machine conveyor, supply it into mould,vacuum-cleaning, gasoline eliminating,closing, film decreasing and outputting the bundled dish,achieving each of the methods constantly and automatically。

OrionPP has experience inside the offering of completely

Pouch Packing Machine Can Pack a selection of goods like Candies, Paan Masala, Granules, Tobacco and Cereals Herbal tea dust particles, Bhujiya as well as other totally free running resources in mug satisfying system up to 100 grams. The full procedure from evaluating, bag developing, filling and sealing to slicing and packaging is completely instantly run.

Noiseless Characteristics: –

Photo-cellular operated Printing Things Tracing System ensures incredibly exact travelling bag forming, sealing and cutting performances.

Equipped with something counting gadget.

All factors in direct contact with this product are created from stainless conforming to hygienic requirements.

Packing rate are changeable. Realignment can be produced while the machine is operating.

The whole treatment from analyzing, case creating, filling and closing to cutting and

packaging is entirely immediately controlled.

Models can be created to customers’ personal features on request.

Car Road map dish sealer DL-500A adopts vacuum replacing technique for fresh packaging with gas filling up, It use vacuum water pump to draw the environment out of the tray, then load blended air flow that may increase the meals new life.The sealing work is finished when outside and inside oxygen stress is the same. The oxygen stage is quite low in the tray less than this kind packing way soas to resolve the drawback to traditional laundry compensation packing way is traditionally used for meat,fowl, sea food,organic,fruits as well as other clean foods,made beef,bread and co on. The Road map packing will keep thecolor and taste,condition,nutrition of food items effectively and lengthen the new daily life. Buyers can also decide on DL-500B(single air flow) and DL-500C(Guide) according to their real specifications

Technical Functions:

1.Control program: According to buyer’s requirement, OMRON PLC,it is programmables

2.Primary fabric: stainless steel 304,make certain gorgeous visual appeal and usually using in terrible problem

3.Different form: 1 machine is suitable for many different dimension containers packing,the form is modified effortlessly.

4.Satisfying gas with vacuum replacing: substitute air by vacuum pump motor,replacing effect is very good.

5. Failure alert: ensure that the machien performs normally.

6.Shut variety doing work structure: ensure clean and safe.

7.Great creation productivity: set th dish which filled with packing food items into machine conveyor, provide it into mould,cleaning, gasoline flushing,sealing, film cutting and outputting the bundled plate,achieving each of the techniques constantly and automatically。

Packing Machinery Co., LTD is focused on developing and manufacturing

The Packaging Machine Operator is responsible for setting up and operating assigned packaging machines and statistical weighers, in order to pack the optimum number of quality packages of product.

Job Explanation:

Establish-up and work several packaging devices to guarantee accurate program code weights and dates which the correct item is dedicated to right luggage.

Make certain that every single travelling bag is properly dated, sealed and coded by using a minimum volume of misused supplies and product.

Accountable for making sure that the item to become packed remains to be clean.

Keeps allocated machines and area clean and safe.

Conduct standard preventive servicing on packaging devices, to incorporate washing and changing cutlery/blades, move-straps, tape models, and rollers

Neat and sterilize lines during changeovers from a single product to a different

In charge of assessment of conveyors and scales just before line start-up and changeovers

Will be required to thoroughly clean making use of chemicals and protecting equipment

Other tasks as designated

Over time is usually necessary


Will need to have a minimum of 1 year of packaging machine operator experience in a higher-speed developing environment

Has to be capable of weightlifting up to 50 lbs from flooring to waist.

Will need to have excellent conversation skills and ability to speak with co-workers in any way amounts.

Must have the ability to write and read The english language.

Possible allergens might be: garlic, parmesan and salt certain fats (i.e. sunflower)

Should be capable of work in a hot environment.

Will need to have the capability to stand while at the office station(s).

Should be effective at ascending staircases.

Needs to be effective at cleaning with chemicals utilizing protecting products.

Recommended 1 year of continuous job

All skilled candidates will get consideration for career without the need of respect to religion, race, sex and color countrywide beginning, guarded veteran status, or impairment reputation.

PepsiCo (Frito Lay) is an equivalent possibility workplace. Minorities/Women/Incapacity/Protected Veteran

why pick palletize equipmentVery first|Initial

The characteristic of YK-ZX03 version, Ultra-higher automation, very easy to operate , suitable for most of all items, like glassbottles ,can package, plastic-type material cask infood and chemical,and other related industries ,is broadly combined inside of intelligent generation. If you want to change the filler, may adjust the product size,cartonlayers and size,to reset the packing menu, with compact structure, convenient option.

function ability: 10~15 Cartons/ second

sealing via foldable the sections,and close with adhesive tape.

Reference point need:

1.Carton measurement £o(L)x(W)x(H)£?

2.Packing product £obox?¢can?¢cases

3.Container/can/cases dimensions ;

4.Level of pack

5.Pack speed: ctn/ minu

new technique enterprise which focused on producing 3 sides sealing and doubletwist candy packing machine.

Taizhou metropolis foodstuff packing machine production line was really a high & new strategy organization which specialized in developing three aspects closing and doubletwist sweets packing machine.

It provides two decades history,having plentiful technical power and exquiste equipment.It include 38000 square meter place and 48000 rectangular regular work shop,RMB150,000,000 investment capital asserts.

We now have been acquired 3 nationwide patents from countrywide knowledge home right office.Our merchandise is export to The united states,Austral…

Packing Machinery Co., LTD was set up in July, 1998. We now have been involved in developing and researching the automated Packing Products Production System for years. This method involves Automatic shrink-wrapping machine, Intelligent Carton Erector, Automated Carton Packing machine, Auto Carton Closing machine, Automated Strapping Machine, Intelligent Palletizer, Arrow Type Strapping Machine, Intelligent Stretch Wrapping Machine, and so forth. Every month, we make more or less 80 pcs stretch wrapping machine for customer both domestic and abroad, though we have got the valuable reputation of “professor of stretch wrapping machinery” industry, we will develop more and more technological packaging machines especially for you and help you gain a competitive advantage, choose Yuanxu Pack as your partner and watch your sales and profits grow up.

According to the investigations of the domestic market in packing machine industry, we found that many companies could not meet customers’ needs in qualities and after-sale services. On compare, our company focused on providing the all – dimensional providers to customers, allowing the shoppers enjoy the best service and also have the precise gift. We have now acquired numerous standing from all of clients in both China and throughout the world, like Bosth, LG, DHL, Beijing Air carrier, Samsung Group, and so on. The managing idea of us is“Quality Convenient Excellent”. Do provide Top quality items to clients, to let consumers take pleasure in Hassle-free all -dimensional solutions, and ultimately get outstanding valuations from customers.

the international packaging machinery require to 12Percent annual

It is not only nutritious, but also contains lactic acid bacteria, and therefore have a health effect, as we all know yogurt can help digestion. For that reason, a popular low fat yogurt drink. Now to expose a natural yogurt stuffing machine.

Name Variety: Solitary-brain top to bottom ointment filling up machine

Main purpose

For medication, everyday substances, pesticide, food and special investments, is the perfect viscosity water filling products.

Specialized variables

Electric level: 10W

Strain : .4- .6 MPa

Stuffing pace : 10-30 bottles / min

Satisfying accuracy: ?ü ?à 1Percent

Non-obligatory Model : 5-60ml 10-125ml 25-250ml 50-500ml 100-1000ml 250-2500ml

Principles and characteristics

1, DLG one head vertical ointment satisfying machine is definitely the company’s sophisticated technological innovation based on the stuffing machine to handle reform and advancement of merchandise, its structure is much more basic and sensible, high accuracy plus more hassle-free.

2, for medication, everyday special, food, pesticide and chemicals deals, is the best viscosity liquid stuffing equipment.

3, This machine is semi-auto piston type cream satisfying machine.

4, the airplane developed, portable design, straight composition, preserving place.

5, practical functioning, pneumatic elements are employed in Taiwan and Germany AirTac FESTO pneumatic elements.

6, materials speak to pieces are created with 316L stainless in order to meet GMP requirements.

7, stuffing device managed with a solenoid device, filling up more accurate.

8, satisfying quantity and stuffing velocity could be altered.

9, Satisfying brain adopts anti- Pulling and lower stuffing system.

So that you can fulfill shipping and delivery needs and lower the expense of approach circulation demands, the future of meals packaging devices essential to carry out substantial-speed manufacturing. Meanwhile, numerous merchandise, also referred to as for packaging machinery and production machines with convergence. In addition to the must improve rate, it will also work with continuous or long job. Furthermore, to reduce the rejection rate and failing price, to ensure normal output is elevated, the craze would be to further wise packaging devices, or products, personal-self and diagnosis-fix.

Meals likes of modern buyers choosing the abundant, foods generation are certainly more variety, tiny batches. Corresponding to the, pluralism, with various transitioning functions, can get accustomed to many different packaging packaging and materials machines fungus can alter to fulfill marketplace require. To allow packaging equipment has very good flexibility and flexibility, increase automation, to a lot of microcomputer modern technology, the module technological innovation and model mixtures.

The future, manufacturing robots, image, microelectronics, computers and intelligent detector technologies, also could be more commonly used to advertise packaging equipment automation. With this packaging machines, computer systems as the human brain, exchanging the conventional manage process. A variety ofmeters and instruments, detectors experience the packaging factors change, and feedback to the brain (laptop or computer), the employing firms to finish the packaging functioning order the desired action.

This machine is the semi-automatic piston kind pasty fluid satisfying

Meals Packaging Machine Software:

1. Solid kinds: , rock and roll chocolate, cookies, peanuts and cakes environmentally friendly beans, pistachios, nut products, prepared food items, pickles, puffed food, everyday requirements, and many others.chocolate and candy

2. Granule kinds: grain, MSG, chicken breast heart and soul, sugar, melon seeds,nuts and capsules, granular prescription drugs, seeds, feed, fertilizers and pesticides chemical substance uncooked supplies, and so forth.

3. Powder types: seasoning, monosodium glutamate,glucose and salt, enhanced sweets, whole milk natural powder, washing natural powder, bug sprays fertilizers, chemical substance uncooked resources, and many others.

4. Water Kinds: rice wine, soy marinade, rice white vinegar, juice, detergent, so and beverages on.

5. Thicker liquefied Varieties: tomato sauce, peanut butter, jam, chili marinade, bean paste and so forth.

6. Some other resources might be bagging.

This list of units:

1 XJB-220 gaming console or XJB-200 gaming console

2 10 laptop or computer Put together Harmony

Z-3 materials conveyor

4 vibrations Feeder

5 Electronic digital Scales

6 transmitting merchandise

Principal functionality and structural qualities:

Serving a complete automatic measuring, filling travelling bag, print time, all products exported through the generation method.

2 high dimension accuracy, productivity rapidly, not scrap.

Of the three provinces, reduced damage, straightforward operation and maintenance.

This set of models:

1 XJB-220 mainframe or mainframe XJB-200

2 Checking Mug Measuring Device

3 resources hoist

Conveyor concluded 4

Primary overall performance and structural attributes:

Serving a whole intelligent measuring, filling up case, produce date, all goods exported through the generation approach.

2 deal of equipment designed to be basic, affordable steady functionality, effortless operation and schedule servicing.

3 package prices unitpractical and economic, secure efficiency.

4 materials can be modified according to a way of gauging devices.


Widened for food, fried meals, conch, shrimp, seeds, soybeans, seeds, rice and peanuts.

Extent of App:

Expanded food items, potato french fries, pistachios, raisins and candy glutinous rice balls, meat balls, peanuts, biscuits and jelly candied fresh fruit, walnut, and pickles, frozen dumplings,almonds and salt, detergent powder, soundcereals and beverages, for example pesticide granules Flake contaminants, short of the natural powder, and other things.

This Set of Devices:

1. XJB-220 console or XJB-200 gaming console

2. 10 personal computers Merged Harmony

3. Z-3 materials conveyor

4. Vibration Feeder

5. Electronic Scales

6. Transmission products

Major Structural and Performance Attributes:

Providing a complete auto measurement, filling bag, print day, all products exported through the creation procedure.

It owned higher measurement accuracy.

Effectiveness swiftly, not scraps.

This packaging machine is adopted three provinces which is lower loss.

Effortless maintenance and operation easily


1. Bucket tectonic steadiness of your 10, higher-precision sensor to measure the proper minute to obtain.

2. Use of the moving motor unit, tranquil operations, activity balance, and extended life

3. In accordance with the measuring of the attributes of good-adjusting hopper doors closing and opening rate in order to avoid the card and fragmentation talk

4. Computation mistake: ± 1.5g

This machine will be the semi-auto piston sort pasty liquefied filling

This machine is definitely the semi-auto piston sort pasty liquefied filling

This machine is reasonable in small, exquisite and design in product, conserving the area, the pneumatic aspect adopts the pneumatic parts of Germany Taiwan’s and FESTO AirTac.

The component getting in touch with components consists of 316L stainless-steel

Both filling quantity and filling up speed can be modified, with higher satisfying accuracy.

Filling up head adopts contra –loss and raising device.


The Design SYF is a merchandise upgraded and innovated based on this company’s collection products and introduced overseas superior filling machine modern technology.. This product is reasonable and simple in design, loaded with accuracy and reliability and simple functioning.

Suitable for filling up water from the businesses of pharmaceutics, day-to-day substances, special, cosmetics, pesticide and foodstuffs trades. With no need for power supply, the machine is protected and also the personalized design and style, can meet the modern day enterprises’ requirements.

No power supply is needed, which makes operation safe, as a semi-auto double piston liquid filling machine.

With two heads stuffing synchronously, operating effectiveness is raised.

Sensible design and style, tiny dimensions and handy procedure. With Germany FESTO and Taiwan’s AirTac pneumatic components followed, its efficiency is stable.

The pistons and cylinders are created from 316L stainless and lined with PTFE, conforming to GMP.

Filling up rate may be adjusted as filling and desired accuracy and reliability is substantial.

Closing mind avoiding wire and leakage-drawing and filling lifting method stopping high froths offered.


This machine is definitely the semi-auto piston kind cream satisfying machine

This machine is affordable in exquisite, small and design in product, the pneumatic portion adopts the pneumatic aspects of Germany FESTO and Taiwan AirTac.

The aspect getting in contact with components is made from 316L stainless steel.

Each filling quantity and satisfying rate can be adjusted at will, filling up precision is high.

Satisfying mind adopts anti-seepage and raising filling system.

Quantitative laptop or computer-linear filler

Drip-stuffing control device


Power supply: 220/110V 50/60Hz

Air flow strain: .4-.6MPa

Filling up velocity: 5-20 Containers/minutes

Stuffing reliability: ≦±1﹪

Stuffing collection: 25-60ml 50-125ml 100-250ml 200-500ml 400-1000ml 900-2500ml 2200-5000ml

Our VAC series are 100 % pure pneumatic equipment

Our VAC sequence are pure pneumatic machines, and need no electric power. They are really easy to run and container alterations are as easy as slipping new containers underneath the complete heads or forcing the ft . pedal. Complete degrees are adaptable and get complete regularity irrespective of the product or service. In addition to becoming a filler for your personal far more delicate product or service outlines, the VAC may also be an inexpensive file backup unit, eradicating downward time and expensive establish-ups for modest works. Full functionalities above make sure they are best machines for filling up the water-like goods, specifically perfume, potty h2o, and many others.

Vacuum filling systems draw product into the container by using constant vacuum suction. Once the load level needed actually reaches, the extra merchandise will be drawn with the car-water flow system and into the item reservoir. The fill degree of the compartment depends upon the degree from the vacuum heads within the neck of the box, to ensure the complete levels could be the same no matter what bottle inconsistencies.

Our VAC machines can come equipped with one particular or multiple heads that you should select.

Attributes of Semi-Automatic Vacuum Satisfying Machine:

1.Satisfying volume is dependent upon load degree.

2.100 % pure pneumatic machines match the explosion-resilient demands.

3.Auto-discharge system is loaded.

4.No strict condition using the bottle shape and consistency.

5.Easy settings and straightforward to operate and maintain.

Specialized Features of Semi-Intelligent Vacuum Filling Machine:

Air Provide: 5 ~ 8kg/cm2

Stuffing Volume level: beneath 200ml

Filling Accuracy: Inside of ?à1mm

Viscosity: Optimum. 20cps

The AVF Collection piston fillers are created to dispense merchandise of numerous viscosity, which range from normal water slender fluids to thicker lotions, for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, specialty, food and oil market sectors.

The series of machine has compact, affordable setup and good, easy visual appeal. They are made of Festo’s pneumatic components from Germany, and MITSUBISHI’s electric powered elements from Japan. Every one of the elements which come in touch with product or service are made from 316 L stainless brought in, and processed by CNC equipment. The excellent quality of parts ensures that our AVF can also work properly and stably.

This number of fillers are linked with clamps, that make them very easy to keep clean and maintain, no particular equipment are required, and in addition they feature realtime adjustability, no package no fill, precise filling up volume plus a total container countertop.

The regular models may be provided with 4 to 12 filling nozzles or we are able to also reduce or put the nozzles to fit your particular need to have.

Options that come with Automated Piston Kind Filling up Machine:

1.Blocked nozzles for items that often drip and string

2.Package jaws localizer

3.Specific functions, like ‘Auto check out and display of malfunction’, ‘Liquid stage alarm’

Alternatives including: Scuba diving nozzles for underside up filling of foaming products。