Stretch film and strapping machine

Orbital stretch wrapper & horizontal stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for door and panel

As I mentioned before our space is limited, and we will use a hand manual lift truck , we need your engineer to consider: 1. How we will place the pallets into the conveyor? Since we are transporting the stretch film material by hand lift truck, believe we will need to have a platform, or” ramp” right before the conveyor , to climb the pallets . Your ideas or suggestion will be appreciated. 2. Your engineer must take in consideration that the conveyor in each side should be maximum 3 MT ( just as the drawing). 3. The maximum distance from the floor we require is 20-25 cm (the reason is the use of a manual lift truck ) * no wrapping needed Our space is limited , therefore, what we need the rotating strapping module as lowest possible to the floor, with two conveyors , one to enter and one to exit The pallets will be transported in a hand manual lift truck, as well at the exit. So, the closes to the floor that we may have the strapping machine the better we are. Let me know the high distance from the floor for the rotating strapping and the conveyors. Please take a look at the drawing below for your reference of what we are looking for: The package weight : MIN 30 kg MAX 300 kg Max size of your package : including pallet, these are the sizes: 45”x48” x , 40”x48”, 31”x48 Let me know if you have further questions, be very clear and specific for the feedback.