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Automatic rotary arm wrapping machine

Recently, the automatic systems which need to be loaded from the floor by ride or manual trucks gradually increase.
Usually, such a system needs a lifting device to raise the pallet to the desired packaging height. The traditional way is to fit a section of conveyor on a pneumatic lift which usually needs a hole to be dug in the floor. Such pits are not allowed by many factories, so a system that gently slopes upward to the wrapping machine eliminating the need for any pits has been developed by Fhope. The function of sloping conveyors like a bridge, when the wrapper machine moves, they fall down from the way, so that the pallet base can be wrapped up without additional cost.
In order to comply with CE regulations, all automatic stretch packaging machines must be installed behind the fence guard without personnel light barriers at the opening of the in-feed and out-feed conveyors. The Revolution including the safety features or not in the case of integration into a safety cell supplied by others can be provided by Atlanta. In order to reduce erection time on site, the significate design changes have been made by Atlanta and the installation time has been greatly reduced.
The fhope stretch wrapping machine is designed with a robust and cantilever as well as fully automatic rotating ring machine. The machine is installed in a conveyor line and don’t need the operator intervention except for changing the film rolls. It not only greatly increases the yield from a film roll, but also improves load containment because of using powered rollers to pre-stretch the film before application. The machine has a high capacity of over 150 pallets in an hour and suit for wrapping dollies and half and quarter pallets in singles or in pairs that allows the palletizer to continue operating at maximum speed.

The machine to handling the pallet and packing the pallet just here