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Max-Upenders are preferably suitable for tipping tons as much as 90??. Provided by capacities of 2,000 to 10,000 pounds. and many different regular platform dimensions.

Max-Upenders can also be found custom built for people particular handling needs. Types of available frame, v-obstruct, divided platform and specific styles are just some of our customized capabilities.

1.5 HP electric motor. 115/230 volt single stage or 230/460 3 phase voltage. Engine is inside placed on most designs.

Press key magnetic rear manage container is standard with 6′ power cord

10′ power cord is regular (connector not included).

Hydraulic items pump with verify device, solenoid device, velocity and filter fuse is normal.

Lean limit change.

Management container involves magnetic starter transformer, energy excess and fuses.

Created for surface area position or lift dinner table installation. Get in touch with manufacturer for unique in flooring requirements.

Powered down and up 90 education tilt.

Color: Yellow-colored best with light blue frame.

A 30 amp committed circuit is required for 115 voltage operations.

As well as the standard versions, the Maximum-Upender collection can be found in an extended deck edition. This design has platforms approximately 12′ very long. It features 5″ size very long cerebrovascular accident cylinders, a remote 10 HP electric motor and strengthened system deck.

1.5 Hewlett packard electric motor. 115/230 voltage individual levels or 230/460 3 cycle voltage. Motor unit is internally installed on most designs and externally placed on dinner table sizes with 24″ large base.

10′ cord standard (connector not incorporated)

Hydraulic products pump with check out valve, solenoid control device, velocity and filter fuse normal

Shade yellow-colored best with light blue framework

A 30 amp dedicated circuit is needed for 115 volt functioning

Operated high on 90° and 45° tilt. Gravitational forces down on 45° and run on 90° lean

Lean reduce move

Force button magnet rear manage box normal with 6′ cord

Sleek metallic deck with 4″ substantial lip on hinge finish

Top quality stainless coated tube

Management pack involves magnetic basic transformer, thermal overload and fuses

Designed for surface area attach or lift up table mounting

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