big wire rod coil packing machine

Please clarify.

wire rod packing machine


more information or wire rod coil packing solution:

You say the machine comes with <<two shutters crossing the ID of the machine>> These shutters are the film feeding heads?

——Yes, two film feeding head

At the econommic quotation you say “Automatic material feeding & cutting system – 1 set” does it means that 1 set has two heads feeding film?


——-“Automatic material feeding & cutting system – 1 set”  :  it is for cutting and clamping the film which is  able service for two film feed hear.


Would you recommend a third one in order to achieve the output of 70 coils per shift (8 hours).


———Do you mean third film feeding head/shutter?  The speed is the same, not matter two or three shuttlers. The more shuttles, the more layer film, for strong packaging.  The wrapping speed is relate to the shuttler movement speed. Our machine speed is app.2-3m/sec.


If I’m not wrong the Blocker Roller Station is this:





So if a second stretch wrapping station is required it must be placed necessarily with the track system, right? So the cost for a second wrapping station is $ 11.500 + 30.800 = $42.300, right.





How many days do you estimate the installation?


——–12 days. If the machine was installed by yourself, only 6 days.

As long as I understand the cost of your ingeneer is included in the price, except travel expenses and accommodation, for a normal installation, right?

——-Sorry, the cost the engineer is $80/ working day only.


The customer wonders about the needed space for the system, may I have an orientation layout on the installation?


For two wrapping station, following size is for reference. If space limited, the special size machine is possible.