The company has a lot more than five years for packaging

Lupack can be a fully new anti–counterfeiting improvement coming from the research and development laboratories of one of many world’s biggest printing equipment manufacturers, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen in Germany.

Anti-counterfeit modern technology for consumers and brands

Lupack is an totally distinct proper market approach for brand name owners to interact with with shoppers. By using technology that is easily accessible by consumers and cleverly provides a proactive brand building strategy in the fight against counterfeiting, it offers a major deterrent against counterfeits.

The Lupack idea is simple. To stop counterfeiting, the most effective technology needs to be placed into the fingers of the people who treatment most: the shoppers.

Cell phone item authentication

Lupack works with a mobile mobile phone application (mobile app) to scan two part security tags. On the left hand side in the Lupack tag, a randomised design is made making use of copper wire that may be not mechanically repeatable, not even by Lupack. This gives an exclusive routine similar to a person’s fingerprint.

At the final packaging period of any item, the randomised design is seized and cryptographically inlaid in a QR program code around the right hand part from the label, together with item info provided by the brand proprietor. The last Lupack tag is then put on the product allow it an exclusive person identity using a triple-coating of security.

The mobile phone mobile app software program utilizes cryptographic technology to compare the actual randomised style on the kept together with the secret encrypted design inside the QR program code around the right. It then exhibits authenticated brand name manager merchandise facts about the portable monitor.

What is unique about this mobile phone technology is that Lupack does not employ a centralised database repository. Which means that you will find no fees to the user when authenticating items. Products may be authenticated from anywhere around the globe, and whenever you want, even where there is no mobile community connection accessible.

Not one other modern technology suits Lupack’s combination of customer robust, accessibility and ease protection.

Visible and unseen authorization methods

Most noticeable authorization methods are counterfeited sooner or later, as they are based upon bulk generated methods including holograms.

Lupack can be a option that buyers can aesthetically determine with. The two part Lupack label utilizes randomisation in the copper wire design, is not really reproducible and utilizes extremely innovative cryptography which can be invisibly inserted to the QR rule with the specific company owner’s product information, which counterfeiters cannot see but is straightforward to confirm making use of the Lupack mobile app on the mobile phone.

The Lupack remedy also acts as a deterrent to counterfeiters who view the Lupack on goods.

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