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The current invention concerns upgrades in automatic machines for wrap packing machine 2014-06

3. In the machine to make tamales and stuff like that, the mixture of your conveyor tailored to acquire measures of packaged food fabric getting their longitudinal axes disposed generally in the direction of motion of said’conveyor, another conveyor disposed angularly with regards to explained first-known as conveyor for getting stated packaged food items materials using their longitudinal axes disposed transversely of said second conveyor, a obtaining program at the conclusion of said second conveyor, said foundation having a major depression of predetermined sizing for receiving a predetermined quantity of explained measures of wrapped food items material, explained depressive disorders developing a laterally disposed starting to help manual removing of stated lengths of packaged food materials and delivery to a pot, and laterally disposed guideline indicates at mentioned launching tailored to aid stated compartment during a satisfying operation.

4. In a machine for creating tamales and so on, the combination of any conveyor tailored to obtain measures of twisted food items material having their longitudinal axes disposed usually toward movements of said conveyor, a 2nd conveyor disposed angularly with regards to mentioned initially-known as conveyor for acquiring said packaged meals materials using their longitudinal axes dispused transversely of stated 2nd conveyor, means with the junction of said conveyors for directing said measures of wrapped meals materials from said firstnamed conveyor to mentioned second-referred to as conveyor, as well as a getting platform after stated 2nd conveyor, mentioned program using a depressive disorders of predetermined size for getting predetermined quantity of explained lengths of covered food items materials, said depression possessing a laterally disposed opening up to help manual elimination of mentioned measures of covered food items delivery and material into a container.

5. A machine for producing and conditioning for packaging a tamale item and stuff like that comprising path for continuously extruding and wrapping the product in to a rod-like form, methods to continually receive and convey explained rod-like type longitudinally forwards, way to sever the rod-like develop into items of chosen duration, spacing means to individual the severed lengths, and obtaining way to group of people picked numbers of stated lengths for packaging.