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The pallet building and wrapping lines are a semi auto system

The pallet creating and wrapping line is a semi automatic system meant for economical palletizing and wrapping of pallets. The system is modularly constructed with Semi Intelligent Palletizer, Bare Pallet Dispenser, Intelligent Stretch Wrapping Machine, Automated Considering and Labelling Machine, Pallet Rotator cum Lowerator. The lowerator includes a supply to enable the use of a straightforward hands pallet van to get rid of the pallet.

The system is flexible and can be configured according to the customer requirement and the layout of the packing line. The patterns are shaped around the tray conveyor physically. From thereon upto the shipping of the wrapped pallet, all surgical procedures are computerized.


• Helps save sizeable labour associated with pallet building, wrapping and weighing

• Overall operations is managed by a powerful PLC

• A coloring touch-screen is provided as user interface to get a individual user to check and handle the operations

• Are able to use pallets of : 800mm by 1200mm to 1200mm by 1200mm

• A typical pattern time for any 10 level pallet will be a few minutes


Optimum. Pallet dimensions : 1200x1200x2600mm

Pallet weight : 2000 kg

Elevation of collection – Stacking desk : 750mm

Elevationof line – Delivery conveyor: Ground levels

• We at Penguin proudly promise the subsequent high quality manage processes are used on each pallet that people despatch.

• Our film is constantly examined for fullness accuracy, advantage positioning and film lucidity.

• Finished rolls are checked to the proper film body weight; Every time a pallet is finished, we weigh the whole pallet. This double check procedure helps to ensure that our distributors as well as their clients get just what they buy.

• We also have a roll from every single pallet and manage it on specific evaluating equipment. This equipment monitors stretch ranges, pierce opposition, hang on and preservation. It also investigations for other potential issues, like gels or inconsistencies with resin.

• If any kind of our concluded rolls is not going to satisfy our top quality management standards, we don’t cruise ship them.

• These procedures ensure that the recommended and sampled film will perform time after time. The Penguin film-high quality-confidence assure it.


Substantial Cling internally

Ensures stress dependability and increases wash straight down.

Substantial Move externally

Gives greater slip compared to common two aspect cling stretch motion pictures
Easier Managing

Ensures that merchandise loads will never stay to one another.

Great Quality

Promotes the grade of this product shipped.

Thickness Available

14µ (microns) or higher.

Excellent Pierce Resistance Tougher close to abnormal corners.

Excellent Hang on Elevated cling for “Chilly Room” software.

The best possible Energy “Grips” the stress for boosted containment.