The user should set the coil

The operator should put the coil, using the crane, in the carriage situated with the entrance from the line. If the coil continues to be displaced one place, the user has the capacity to present another coil with the collection admittance and so on till there are actually coils in every jobs.

In one of the placements, the coil is weighed with a weighing method located within the framework of your range.

In yet another position, the coil is circumferentially strapped. The strapping coil machine carries two automated strapping heads hence the two circumferential bands are done at the same time. In order to perform strapping the coil strapping machine displaces laterally and goes in towards the series and when the strapping is executed, earnings to the original placement.

To do the radial strapping, the coil is displaced to a different strapping position. Then utilizing yet another automatic strapping machine, two radial straps are performed concurrently (making use of two automated strapping heads). Being possible to perform far more radial straps at various jobs, the strapping heads have a rotary method included. As soon as the radial strapping continues to be done, the strapping coil packing machine earnings to its original position.

The line even offers an automatic labelling method, which locations two tags about the coil internal size, in which are printed out the features of the coil along with other information needed by the individual.

Once the coil continues to be circumferentially, radially and weighed strapped and labelled, it can be displaced to the conclusion from the range, where the user removes it by the crane.

The automatic strapping machines is capable of doing the circumferential/radial bands with stainlesss steel strap and polyester strap.

This coil packaging range could be adjusted for the readily available specifications and space necessary for the individual without the need of troubles.