Trends in case-packing gear

4. Machines that allow for packaging

variety. Marketing and advertising requirements are driving the application of

so, many different packages that suppliers must be able to

provide case packers that will, with just a few alter components,

speedily alter over and accommodate the larger variety

of case sizes and formats. The difficulties are going to convey,

case, accumulate and carton and place these packages at

high speeds, while keeping them properly protected, as well as to be

capable of quickly change over to diverse package types, package

configurations, or various ? °rainbow? ° pack combos

(by way of example, on-the-location changeover of taste options

within a multipack of beverage containers). The increasing use

of servo modern technology is permitting this overall flexibility. Quicker

changeovers are powered by the need to offer higher

consumer option to street address celebration-structured marketing? a

the best merchandise inside the proper package at the perfect time and

spot. Event-dependent advertising and marketing is determined by the capability to

create several packaging formats for locations as varied

Club stores, and convenienc, as hotelchains and restaurantse

stores. Machines consumers want to be able to run each one of these

varied formats on the very same equipment.