tyre packingmachine is more than the length of equipment

As professed in declare 6, whereby the wheel packing machine, distinguished in this said guideline groove (33) for your a few guideline grooves (33) inside the guideline shaft (31) as a middle to the 3 o’clock path, respectively, 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock, wheel lever into the Agency’s actions (35) is divided in to a movable rod (35 ‘) and 2 movable rod (35 “), a movable rod (35’) with the shaft with two Levels the energetic handle (35 “) linked to a movable rod (35 ‘) is fitted to the top level plate influx sweep (37), the secondary movable rod of tyre packing machine and the rod (34) along with the movable block, hooking up implies with the rest of the spot of the movable rod (35) attached in the same manner; the rest position the movable rod (35) is additionally mounted on the secondary movable rod (38), the energetic lever (35) is likewise coupled to the surface of influx sweep plate (37), the auxiliary movable rod (38) – finish in the influx sweep plate (37) by way of a shaft linked to the auxiliary movable rod (38) using a shaft along with the opposite end of your strut (34) attached to rod (34), the productive lever (35), the secondary movable rod ( 38), surf sweep platter (37) to form a parallelogram railing firms, surf sweep plate (37) has a work surface brush.

As stated in declare I wherein the tire tyre packing machine, recognized for the reason that stated inside adhesive implies (7) are installed on the flange makes up implies (6) two installing platform (28) about the two linear manual rails (39), linear guide of tyre packing machine are set up across the linear manual (39) moving bracket (40), holder (40) into the best possess a portable (41), in the briquetting (41 ) within a hard drive-shaped pressure dish, two stretches clamps (41) from the pressure platter relative to nip.

According to claim 8, wherein the tire packing machine, characterized in that said pressure plate, respectively chopping platen (42) and the cutting pressure plate (43), the cutting platen (43) smaller in diameter than chopping platen ( 42) the diameter of the cutting pressure plate (43) extending into the side clamps (41) mounted on a lid-shaped blade cover (44) and blade cover (44) is mounted within an annular heat cutter (45), cyclic heat cutter (45) in the cutting pressure plate (43) on the outer periphery, into the clamps (41) is provided with a through hole, the through hole is connected to waste recovery, including recovery of the waste into the clamps (41 ) connected via the trachea, air pump connected with the trachea, (10).