upender material around the weight package

6 A upender machine instantly turn change method comprising the methods of: Step One, the start of detected signals to the transmitting service provider; Phase two, the generate signifies functions inside the first carry car into orbit the sealing system ceases; Move three, open up the cylinder module, click and maintain down the amount of your vehicle; Step Four, the upender machine flick, change to accomplish the necessary motor vehicle; Stage 5, the weightlifting cylinder fasten work unit, The second exchange motor vehicle into orbit; Move six, the carrier transferred by rail out of your move of the second turn machine, proceed to the after that procedure.

[7] The machine automatically flip flip method according to claim 6, wherein: in step one, by using a sensing unit identify whether or not the motor vehicle in to the turn area from the upender machine.

According to claim 7, characterized in that, 8 as an automatic reversing machine invert method: the drive means is a double travel sequence.

According to claim 6, characterized in that, 9 as a method for automatic reversal of the reversing machine: the unit makes up two cylinders of your cylinder are respectively provided on both ends of the top of the the initial move track.

10 as a method for automatically flip flip machine according to claim 9, characterized in that: the first and another conveyor track for your inner conveyor path parallel to the lower and upper reversing machine two keeps track of, the first a record of the initial transmission two exchange orbit above.

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Intelligent machine and its flip turn method

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[0001] The present innovation pertains to a computerized upender machines and upender techniques, particularly to some solid bearing capacity and will flick and go straight to accomplish two capabilities determined equipment and automated flip flip method.