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Monthly Archives: April 2016

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A: Basic Principles of Stretch Wrapping You Forget

  Since its introduction, stretch wrapping is just about the dominant approach to unitizing items for safe shipment for their locations. But, it is so routine that typically we forget the basic principles.   The next five basic principles of stretch wrapping underlie the entire

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Panel Profile Truck Shipping Damage

About your item-panel profile, two things should know about truck shipping. Everyone knows about truck load shipping failures such as the water within the photo. This is actually the truck that’s declined in the final destination, it’s the harm that many likely results in a

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stretch copper wrapping machine

Yeah, we manufacture and sell horizontal orbital stretch copper wrapping machine. We are willing to talk about what want to inform you. Because we are the expert to help you to solve with your questions and improve benefits, convenient, high-efficiency and popular with your customers.

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Automatic door packing machine

      Inquiry for door packing: We have a client looking for the following machine, kindly quote: I look for door packing machine for steel wire rope coils ….with stretch foil as in the below movies… our coils: Width : 450-600 ,, Height: 2000 mm

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Door Profile Orbital Stretch Wrapper

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper is among probably the most economical types of packaging equipment available these days for lengthy form bundle. You can supply you with the best horizontal orbital stretch wrapper/stretch wrapping machine fit for your requirements, regardless of how small or huge the