Zhejiang proportion packaging machie co., LTD. Is a professional for the dairy industry to provide quality, value service for a long time
Professional dairy packaging materials manufacturers. Company is located in the north area of hangzhou, in zhejiang pinghu industrial zone,
From Shanghai, hangzhou, Sue are about an hour’s drive, traffic is very convenient. The company covers an area of 88 mu, the main factory building more than 12000
Square meters. Company has 10 blown film production line (including 3 American barton phil blown film line); Since all northerners Fuji
Moving printing production line; The Stevens carton printing die cutting IPBM automatic pasting box production line and the United States
Line. Our company produce three layers of the film, independent research and development of PVDC film and aluminum-plastic composite membrane, as well as the roof box, the latest research
The fresh cup of trusted by the user, in the dairy industry has a good reputation and mature sales network.
In 2007 our company sales of 2007 yuan, the market share of 30% or more. Bright, mengniu, yili and many other
Domestic well-known enterprise is our long-term customers, and constantly committed to the development of new products, strive to open up wider
Broad market space.
Proportion of zhejiang packaging co., LTD. Is located in the Yangtze river delta heartland of pinghu, about 1 hour away from Shanghai, hangzhou, suzhou, the transportation is convenient, is a company specializing in the production of packaging film, packaging and printing processing, plastic packaging products, plastic, paper products professional enterprise, main products including multi-layer co-extrusion PE film, PVA, PVDC high barrier coating film, PE aluminum plating film, PS sheet, paper roof box, paper cups, etc. With an annual output of 15000 tons of plastic packaging film, PS sheet, 4000 tons of roof box 100 million, 200 million cups. Product quality and market share in the domestic leading position in the industry. Has now become a well-known domestic dairy companies for food enterprises designated suppliers and deep customer’s trust and support.

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