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Orbital stretch wrapper and coil wrapper

We are the manufacturers of brass brazing rod in India.After seeing the rod wrapping machine on your website, we are interested to know whether it could come to suitable use for us.Our dimensions are 3 mm X 1000 mm round shaped extruded rod.If yes please

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Coil Production and coil packaging Line Product description. The coil packing line according to customer requirements, tailor-made an appropriate automatic coil packaging line to comply with customer needs. Functioning process: Immediately allocation→ automated sealing and cutting→ automatic diminishing → Automated box opening→automatic package package deal →automatic box weighting→automatic Coding→ Automatic

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The entire slitting steel coil packaging line

Http:// Basic technological variables for coil packaging line: 1.1 Relevant substance: (1) cold / very hot rolled co2 metal (δb≤520MPa,δs≤345MPa) (2) Fullness of metallic strip: .3-1.0mm (3) Size of steel strip: 25-80mm (4) Coil I.D.: Φ350-Φ450mm (5) Coil O.D.: Φ600-Φ1000mm (6) Max. coil bodyweight: 800kg