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With the developing of machine cutting tools and tool materials, technological progress, high-speed cutting technology has been developed by leaps and bounds.

At present, the internationally renowned tool companies own a high-speed aluminum alloy processing carbide cutting tool products. Among them: J Tools, F company products are more mature, full range, variety; the other S companies have also launched a high-speed cutting tool for aluminum.

China’s high-speed cutting technology started late until the late eighties of last century, foreign high-speed processing technology, large-scale application, China begin to understanding the high-speed processing technology, great prospect of development and application potential. In 1987, B University of Science and Technology, T University collected and compiled large number of high-speed cutting of technical information and high-speed cutting technology research, also published a number of research articles, 90 years later, the National Natural Fund funded a series of high-speed cutting related technology of research work, including S University and B Institute of Technology in high-speed cutting mechanism research and tool development also makes a lots of efforts. But at present, it is no mature product line, high-speed processing tool to rely heavily on imports, research high-speed processing design mechanism, the development of carbide cutting-edge high-speed series is necessary.About the high-speed end mill design principles of the relationship.There have several forms of tool failure. First, in the cutting process, the tool in the initial state, because of thestrength, causes fracture, tool failure immediately, this tool is certainly failure, which can be used to calculate the static analysis, this analysis can be called FA; second, the tool in the cutting process due to the tool vibration, so the tool life and the workpiece can’t meet the actual requirements of the cutting process with the tool vibration analysis called FS; Third, the cutting tool in the cutting process, due to the tool rake angle and flank wear too much or due to the cutting edge of the tool, the tool can not meet the requirements, because is due to the tool nose and flank face chip and processed surface pressure, resulting in friction, high temperature, it is reduced the tool hardness, easier to wear, this analysis called FM.

 DLTEK550 series-Radiused bottom engraving bits

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