Feature coil packaging machine and laminating

Application :

This coil packaging machine is ideal for two or multi layer dry laminating of numerous material film such as NY, PE, BOPP, PET, PVC, paper and CPP etc.


1.Unwind and rewind device adopt turret sort with self-sufficient converting frame

2.Stress manage system: PLC 8 groups of vector frequency inverter motor dancing roller gadget

3.Variables and machine running problem are shown by touch-screen

4.Pneumatically wide open/near drying out cupboard length 8meter (four phases)

5.Covering function: anilox curler(several requirements for selection)

6.Certain elevation for stick glue and reservation rotate automatically

7.Manual roller inside of drying out cupboard is work synchronously

8.EPC device is attached for 1st relax device

Before roll web and exchange splicing without stop the machin, 9.Pre-driving of waiting rollere

10.Set-on roller is attached for rewind shaft

11.Laminating roller heating system: electric heating or essential oil home heating

12.Base coating pre-heating system, Base water source with automobile blood circulation

13.Laminating electric motor of individually regularity inverter synchronized with layer electric motor by PLC manage.

in specs

Function coil packaging machine and laminating:

1.The glue covering and laminating motor adopts imported dual variable regularity synchronous speed regulating to alter earlier times shaft traveling framework.

2.Sleek substance providing and synchronous linear speed.

3.The link-type three-segment drying tunnel home heating improves temperature and the drying program can make laminating speed even higher.

4.Gluing and laminating embrace pneumatic pressing rollers and brought in pneumatic components. Unwinding and Rewinding adopts power pressure management.

5.The interlocking and subsection temperatures management temperatures on the very best status.

6.Unwinding adopt automated EPC program.

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