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Packaging 2. announced that Whole Foods Market is now using the company’s new collection of Easy-to-open Deli Storage units for well prepared meals in 50 of their places. The manufacturer, called number1package? , consists of clamshell design storage units which can be very clear, solid, and durable. Ideal for meals service apps including deli spreads, salads and sandwiches clean minimize fruit, cookies and environmentally friendly salads, the storage units come with an connected top that is water tight to maintain foods clean for a longer time and tend to be re-sealable. They are made from completely re-cycled Dog clear or environmentally friendly soda containers. The containers are embossed with the new logo design to aid convey the value of the material to customers and recyclers.

Before handful of decades, only 30Percent of all the PET has been reused within the U.S. with all the remainder finding yourself in trash dumps and polluting roadways and oceans. Michael Brown, “the intention is to close the loop by offering a recycled product that can then stay in the system and be recycled again”, according to Packaging 2. President.

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