gantry cnc slicing coil wrapping machines.

Automatic decoiler: 5t,6t,10t,15t….. consumer designed

Guidelines of hydraulic decoiler:

(1) Form of decoiler : Hydraulic Pressure and electrical release

(2) Electric motor strength of decoiler : 3KW

(3) Motor unit power of Hydraulic station : 2.2KW

(4) Within dia of coil : 500-530mm

(5) Exterior dia of coil : 1300mm

(6) Thickness of coil : 1250-1300mm

(7) Excess weight of coil : 5T,6T,10t,15t

(8) Speed of decoiling : -20m/min

(9) Strain of hydraulic method : 10Mpa

(10) Method of manage : Multiple-levels photoelectric intelligent monitoring

(11) Describe measurement of decoiler : 3200mm×1250mm×1800mm

(12) Voltage of manage : 3P/440V/60HZ


? Q: Can you make the machine according to my design or prototype?

A: Yes. We now have a seasoned team for working out the most appropriate design and production arrange for the machine that you are going to guide with us

? Q: What should you know to ensure I may have a machine plan on your part for the technical individuals reference point?

A: Properly, because the basic needed info for planning a coil wrapping machine plan, pls see under particulars

For that slitting coil packaging line and cut-to-duration: the content kind(CR, HR, PPGI and HDGI SS), thickness and width variety, coil bodyweight, decreasing pace, slitting phone numbers(exclusively for slitting line), stainlesss steel plate needed reducing span(exclusively for cut-to-size line)

For the C,Z,W roof and Profile/wall panel roll creating machine: the information thickness array, width variety and also the account attracting are essential(the number of roll developing holds essential are depended on the profile attracting)

For that Heating and air conditioning machine as well as the steel tube machine: the wall size variety and also the size variety of the tube

In order to save your procurement budget, Pls also provide us with your special requirements for the machine, for example, you want the machine to be a full-automatic one or semi-automatic one.

? Q: How can we be confident that you may provide us quality machine with spares?

A: We usually require our customers to send the technical people to our factory for checking the quality of the coil wrapping machine before shipping. Given that the purchaser generally is not really really knowledgeable about the coil wrapping machine constructing and debugging, so that we deliver the experts on the buyer`s production line for the installation of the coil wrapping machine provided the Price Phrase was conclude on ALL IN schedule. In additon, We offer our customers with the aftersales-services, its cost-free throughout the warranty time period

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